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NASA reports that a GIGANTIC 210-foot asteroid is currently en route to Earth

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While everyone is busy celebrating Christmas, NASA has issued a warning about five enormous asteroids that are hurtling toward Earth at a dizzying rate of speed. Each day, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory publishes a list of asteroids that are getting close to Earth, along with information about their size, speed, and likelihood of endangering people and the planet. 

These asteroids can range in size from being incredibly small to being so large that they could even wipe out a quarter of the planet. One of the five enormous asteroids that are currently approaching our planet is as big as 210 feet.

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At a distance of 1030000 kilometres, the 210-foot asteroid 2013 YA14 will be making its closest approach to Earth today, December 25. According to data provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA (JPL). 

Moreover, the asteroid, which is the size of an aeroplane, is speeding through space at a mind-numbing rate of 37692 km/h (10.47 km/sec).

Even though the asteroid will simply pass by Earth and poses no threat to it, it is crucial to monitor the movement of these enormous asteroids. The effects of a large asteroid impact or collision on Earth could be felt all over the world and could be extremely destructive for a significant portion of the region it impacts.

Four other asteroids, in addition to the 2013 YA14, are currently approaching Earth: the 400-foot 2022 TE14, the 160-foot 2022 YL1, the 70-foot 2022 YY1, and the 17-foot 2022 YK3. Notably, none of these asteroids will endanger the planet as they pass by.

NASA has placed a number of Earth and Sky-based technologies in space, including telescopes, satellites, and more, to monitor the asteroids’ motion.

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