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Apple Watch Ultra’s durability was tested with a hammer, the table broke first

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A popular YouTuber put the Apple Watch Ultra through its paces to see if the company’s claims were true or false. At the recent iPhone 14 launch event, Apple introduced a new watch category, claiming it is the most rugged Apple Watch ever, capable of withstanding extreme environments. The Apple Watch Ultra, according to the company, is the best technical tool for adventurers and explorers in a variety of environments.

The wearable is certified to MIL-STD-810H, which Apple claims is used for military equipment. The smartwatch has a titanium case and a sapphire front crystal glass coating. So, a YouTuber (from the TechRax channel) decided to put the Apple Watch Ultra to the test, and the results were quite interesting.

The watch was first dropped from a height of about four feet, resulting in minor scratches and dents visible only on the titanium case. It was then dropped into a jar of nails, but neither the display nor the case received any scratches. The strap, however, became a little muddy. The following test was performed with a hammer.

He struck the watch’s display about 1 or 2 times, but the watch did not break. The table was damaged after a few more attempts, but the watch remained intact. However, it stopped working after about 7 hits with a hammer. There’s a chance that some internal components were damaged, causing the watch to stop working.

After about ten attempts, the watch’s display and case broke. The Apple Watch Ultra’s durability is still quite impressive, considering it survived 2-3 initial hits. Of course, the test is somewhat unrealistic as well, given that one will not be hitting it with a hammer ten times and the worst that could happen is accidentally dropping it from a height. However, the video does provide users with reassurance that they are a very tough watch that will not be damaged easily.

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