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Bad Breath? Here are Some Sneaky Ways To Get By

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In actuality, having bad breath can make people want to stay away from you. Do you ever feel guilty or awkward when you speak to someone? In actuality, having bad breath makes you and those around you look foolish. Acidity, diabetes, lung infections, poor dental or gastrointestinal health, dehydration, smoking, and other factors can all contribute to halitosis, or bad breath. Use of tobacco, whether chewing or smoking, can also result in bad breath.

Here are some tips on how to stop having bad breath from Vara Yanamandra, an Instagram user who specialises in Ayurveda. As you may be aware, eating raw garlic or onions can cause digestive issues, SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), and sinus or throat infections. One of the most typical causes, according to Vara, is gum or tooth disease.

Taking care of acid refluxSome of the most common causes of bad breath include poor dental hygiene, acid reflux, and other medical conditions. In reality, acid reflux is a chronic condition in which the body’s food pipe is repeatedly invaded by bile or stomach acid, irritating the organ’s lining.

Eat a healthy mealDr. Vara claims that both dehydration and insufficient dietary intake can cause bad breath. She also suggested finishing with bitter and astringent foods and eating balanced meals. Although a lot of us don’t think about it, keeping your body hydrated is crucial.

Maintaining Dental healthUse only dental powder with ayurvedic ingredients, such as babool, neem, and other herbs. Do you know that maintaining good oral hygiene also entails gargling twice daily with a little lukewarm water mixed with triphala?

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