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Best Workplace Gadgets to Completely Upgrade Your WorkSpace

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Do you want to increase your productivity at work? It all boils down to your surroundings. You deserve to make your workplace the most stimulating environment because you spend nearly a fourth of your week there. The top workspace gadgets for maximum productivity and efficiency are listed here.

It’s all about striking a balance between efficiency and quality at work to be productive. You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again: you need a workspace that is tailored to your needs in order to be productive.

You spend a significant amount of time at your desk. And, to complete projects, your 40-hour-a-week job might easily evolve into early mornings and late evenings. When you include in your travel time, it’s no surprise you’re fatigued by Friday.

You could work from home (which we highly encourage!) or stock your desk with the best workspace accessories money can buy.

Kingston Nucleum USB Type-C Hub

If you’ve recently purchased a new laptop, you’ll notice that several ports are missing. This is where the Nucleum USB Type-C Hub comes in. When you plug it into a USB-C port, you get seven separate ports, one of which is for pass-through charging. I can personally vouch to the Nucleum because I use it on a daily basis.

Mouzen™ Beautiful Ergonomic Armrest


We hear a lot about standing desks and ergonomic chairs, but one area that gets forgotten is arm support. MouzenTM is a stylishly simplistic armrest that takes ergonomics and comfort into account to keep you supported as you work. It also instals quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go.

Silk Cable Wrangler Magnetic Cord Organizer


Seeing your trusty charging cables succumb behind your desk is one thing that all 9-to-5ers despise. Magnets are used by the Silk Cable Wrangler to keep your cables in place. It’s really small and has enough of cable storage, providing you with peace of mind and putting an end to your frustration.

Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Do you still use the headset that your boss provided for all of your calls? Or, even worse, do you still use a corded phone that you have to hold in your hand? The Voyager Legend is the fulfilment of your desires. It connects to your phone through Bluetooth and gives you instant access to Google Now, Siri, and Cortana. It has a P2i nano-coating that is resistant to moisture and sweat.

Traveler Distraction-Free Writing Tool

Unless you use a typewriter, the gadget on which you work is full with distractions. Check out the Traveler Distraction-Free Writing Tool if you want to focus more. It strips things down to their minimal essentials while providing you with the sensation and experience of technology, allowing you to meet all of your deadlines.

Desk Organizer with Wireless Charger


Transforming Desk Organizer is for you if you need organisation and simplicity. It may turn into whatever you require, as the name implies. It has a spot to charge your phone wirelessly, a space to store your writing tools, and even a USB-C hub for all of your device.

CZUR Aura Smart Scanner

The Aura Smart Scanner fills a critical hole in today’s offices: proper scanning techniques. You can’t rely on your smartphone for high-quality scans when the huge bulky scanner in the back is slow, unwieldy, and in need of maintenance. Aura fills in the gaps perfectly, scanning 300 pages in about 20 minutes.

Urban Nomads Workstation Laptop Bag

If you truly want to get away from your cubicle, the Urban Nomads Workstation Laptop Bag allows you to simply take your workspace with you. This messenger bag totally unfolds to expose a workstation ideal for a laptop, tablet, or even a pen and paper. And, no matter how you use it, the bag has a unique folding design that transforms it into an ergonomic angled workstation.

Do you have any office gizmos we should be aware of? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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