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Google Faces $2.3 Billion Lawsuit from Media Groups Over Ad Tech Practices

by OnverZe
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A group of 32 media organizations, including European media giants Axel Springer and Schibsted, have filed a lawsuit worth €2.1 billion (around $2.3 billion) against tech giant Google. The lawsuit, filed on February 28, 2024, alleges that Google has engaged in antitrust practices in the digital advertising market, resulting in significant financial losses for the media companies involved.

The media groups allege that Google’s dominance in the digital advertising space has created an unfair playing field, leading to:

  • Reduced advertising revenue: The lawsuit claims that Google’s practices have limited the media companies’ ability to generate revenue from online advertising.
  • Higher fees for ad tech services: The media groups argue that they are forced to pay inflated fees for using Google’s ad technology tools.

There is a lawsuit underway due to increased regulatory scrutiny of Google’s practices in the digital advertising market. This year, the French competition authority fined Google €220 million for similar concerns, while the European Commission has opened an investigation into the company’s ad tech business.

The media companies that are part of the lawsuit claim that Google’s alleged misconduct has hurt the media industry in Europe. They argue that if the lawsuit is successful, the funds recovered could be used to strengthen the European media landscape, leading to a more diverse and competitive media ecosystem.

Google has not yet commented on the lawsuit. The case’s outcome will be closely monitored, as it could have implications for both Google’s ad tech business and the wider media industry in Europe.

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