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How to book a cheap flight- Complete guide

by OnverZe
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After covid, travel is back. All the countries have now opened their borders for the travellers. This led to a massive increase in demand which is also pushing the flight price up in the skies. Moreover, airline companies also want to enjoy the best year since covid hit. To cover the losses from previous two years, they have also increased the prices of the flights. 

More other factors are also contributing in price hike by the airline companies. One of the major factors is the increase in fuel prices. 

So, is there still a way to book cheaper flights? Onverze.com did a major research and come up with few gameplans to hack the system and buy the cheap flights deal.

Wait till the end of the video for the bonus tips. So, without a further ado here are some ways that you should be practicing while booking a flight.

1. Always search the flights in different platforms. Gone are the days, where you have to walk to a travel agency to book the flights. In our research we found that its always better to book the flights online rather than calling or going to your travel agent. Many websites are now comparing prices across all the agents and airline platforms to get you the best available flight prices.

Before booking flights always compare prices in these websites. these will give you the best price and best agent to book the tickets. All of these have different agent priority so always compare prices in all the platforms.

Skyscanner.com, Google flights, Cheapflights.com and Kayak.com are the best platforms at the moment to search for the cheapest flights.

Let’s look at the example:

Here is the snapshot of the search result of the same flight searched at the same time and you can see the difference in the results. Most renowned website usually sell the same ticket at the higher prices. But these platforms search all the available agents and also the airline to give the best prices.

2. Always search the flights in Incognito or private mode. This is an old trick but still relevant. All websites use cookies and whenever you visit the website the cookies are saved in to your browser to give you better experience next time you open the website. But these cookies also track your searches and give the data to the websites that what exactly you need so they can manipulate the prices every time you search it. 

3. Apply for frequent flier program. whether you are a frequent flyer or not, apply for one. for example, Kris fly from Singapore is widely accepted. Sign-ups are mostly free and you will get miles every time you fly. So, mile earned in one flight can be redeemed at the other flight which reduces the flight’s total price. 

4. Points Hacks using Credit cards. There are range of credit cards which gives you rewards for all your daily purchases. These rewards can be redeemed at various Frequent flier programs.

One of the best cards all over the world is AMEX. Amex cards offer most membership points on applying plus they also offer bonus offer on your day to day spends. Which later you can redeem with most of the airline’s miles or at their own travel platform amex travel. Click the link in description to get the best deal.

Taking control of your finances via judicious expenditure

You can also go with airline powered credit cards. Almost all the major airlines have a credit card of their own. Search for these cards which is relevant to you and your country of frequent travel and apply for the cards. These cards come with the sign-up bonus miles which are enough to fund at least one free ticket. 

And now the bonus tips

1. you know the best day to book the cheap flights are Monday and Tuesday. These days you will see the prices are on the lower sides compared to the weekends.

2. and just like days there is also the best time to book the cheapest flights. If you want to get the best prices then search the flights between 2am – 6am.

3. Become the Frequent flier member and download the app. Here you will see the bonus points offers and discounts.

4. Earn points through airline credit card and search for rewards seats through airline Frequent flyer app. This is no joke, don’t waste the frequent flyer points on shopping, but instead search for the bonus seats deals. whenever you search for flights through Frequent flyer member’s app then you will see an option of “pay by points” and also rewards seats where there will also be a discount on the points. 

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