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The most in-demand job skills today

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The pandemic has turned the economy upside down, but a scarcity of certain skills in the job market makes people with them highly employable.

Some of the most popular career networking and job-search platforms (Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn) have compiled data to determine which skills are most in demand by employers. Scroll through this article to learn about the skills that are most in demand in our economy today.

Cloud computing

The most in-demand job skills today
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Because businesses are migrating their functions to the cloud, cloud computing is in high demand everywhere. Cloud engineers are in charge of designing and managing cloud computing systems.

Artificial intelligence

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AI is changing our world in ways we can’t even imagine. Building AI models, testing them, and maintaining AI infrastructure are just a few of the tasks that require AI skills.

Sales leadership

The most in-demand job skills today

Profit is ultimately driven by sales. Sales executives excel at closing deals and motivating others. A sales leader will typically have excellent communication skills as well as a great deal of drive.


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Analytical skills are required in almost every industry because they aid in problem-solving and decision-making. Analytic abilities imply the ability to recognize patterns, interpret data, hypothesize, and make decisions.


Translation skills are more in demand than ever in our global economy. Not only is it necessary to interpret and translate data into another language, but it is also beneficial to understand cultural differences.

Mobile app development

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If something exists, it is usually accompanied by an app. As a result, there is a high demand for people who can create and maintain them.

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