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The recent discovery in Mexico alters everything: ancient aliens visited our early ancestors thousands of years ago

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A slew of recently discovered extraterrestrial architectures have been made public in Mexico. The discoveries could be massive, proving once and for all that ancient aliens visited our forefathers thousands of years ago.

These new ancient sculptures depict UFOs, extraterrestrial humanoid entities, and mysterious texts, which have been the subject of much debate regarding alien news. 

Could this ancient work of art be proof of the ancient alien theory?

The ancient work of art above appears to depict a human lying on a table surrounded by strange creatures with UFOs in the sky. The aliens appear to be reptiles. This could support the theory that thousands of years ago, ancient alien astronauts visited our planet and interfered with our evolutionary process. This ancient art discovered in Mexico certainly contains a number of anomalies that remain unanswered.

Is it a coincidence that ancient cultures all over the world recorded similar activities?

From UFO sightings to alien abductions, our forefathers spoke of visitors from another world. They were always mentioning another race of beings who lived on our planet long before humanity.

Could these ancient artefacts support popular conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life?
A YouTube video answers questions about the incredible artefacts discovered in Mexico.

Contact with aliens in Mexico

Many ufologists believe that this is proof of extraterrestrial contact documented by the ancient Mexican civilization. Aliens visited ancient and intelligent intervention was in progress. This is the basic idea behind the theory of ancient aliens.

However, some people are sceptical of its veracity. Many sceptics argue that because the artefacts were discovered in nearly perfect condition, they cannot be traced back thousands of years.
Examine some other ancient artefacts discovered in Mexico to see if you think they might be referring to extraterrestrial alien visitors.

These artifacts are in the style of the ancient Mayan culture, which flourished in what is now Mexico. They depict strange figures that have been interpreted as evidence of aliens visiting our planet thousands of years ago.

Other discoveries from Mexico include aliens dressed as astronauts and disk-shaped objects flying in the sky.

Extraterrestrial life

Alien evidence from the distant past

This ancient sculpture appears to depict a ritual. Beings in art can have humanoid structures, but they are not human.

Many people associate these creatures with pop culture’s ” grey aliens ” and ” draconic aliens “.

What did our ancient ancestors see and hear? Was the truth about human history hidden?

Michael Halsall, our alien news writer, has asked and researched similar questions. He is currently working on a book called “You Can’t Spell ‘Alien’ Without ‘A Lie,” which is a cover-up of extraterrestrial life. Not only is there clear evidence of the UFO phenomenon, but there is also growing evidence that aliens exist.

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