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India’s First Case of Reincarnation: Shanti Devi

by OnverZe

Death, like reincarnation, is a mystery to all of us. When science is unable to explain something, it is commonly referred to as a belief. However, there are many mysterious stories in the world today about people claiming to be reincarnated and remembering their previous lives. Shanti Devi’s story was one such intriguing one.

Shanti Devi: Who Was She?

On December 11th, 1926 in Delhi, Shanti Devi was born. The young girl began claiming that her parents were not her real parents and that the house she lived in was not her real home at the age of four. She then started to assert that she could recall specifics from her previous life.

From the middle of the 1930s on, it was one of the most thoroughly investigated cases, being examined by hundreds of researchers, critics, scholars, saints, and prominent public figures from all over India and abroad.

She claimed in class that she was married and had a son with her husband back home. Despite never mentioning his name, she had claimed that her husband lived in Mathura.

The school’s headmaster tracked down a merchant in Mathura by that name who had lost his wife, Lugdi Devi, nine years earlier, ten days after she had given birth to a son.

Shanti Devi also asserted that she was married and that she passed away 10 days after giving birth. She claimed that Kedar Nath, her husband, was fair-skinned, wore reading glasses, and had a wart on his left cheek.

What She Said, Was It True?

The meeting between Shanti Devi and Kedar Nath was arranged by Pandit Kanjimal. Along with Kedar Nath, Ludgi’s (Shanti Devi’s previous name) son and his wife travelled. However, Kedar Nath pretended to be his older brother, but Shanti Devi and her son Navneet Lal instantly recognised him.

Shanti Devi described everything that had happened up until her death following childbirth, including the challenging surgeries she underwent.

The thorough narration astounded the researchers, who were baffled as to how a young girl like her could even be aware of such intricate surgical procedures. Before turning in for the evening, he requested a private conversation with her and later declared that he was certain Shanti Devi was his wife Lugdi Bai because of the numerous details she had shared that only Lugdi could have known.

The Young Lady Who Obtained the Father of the Country's Support for Her Claims

Mahatma Gandhi was made aware of the situation and formed a commission to look into it. The commission’s report was released in 1936. Gandhi named 15 well-known individuals, including politicians, journalists, and national leaders, to investigate the case.

On November 15, 1935, Shanti Devi travelled to Mathura with these 15 individuals. They showed her a stranger from Mathura at the station and inquired as to whether she recognised him. She reached out to touch his feet and knew who he was—he was her husband’s older brother.

As soon as she arrived at her house, Shanti Devi picked out her father-in-law from a crowd. Shanti Devi revealed to them that she had hidden some cash in a specific spot in her Mathura home during a previous existence.

The group was led to the second floor by Shanti Devi, who showed them where they could find a flower pot but no money. However, the girl insisted that the money was present. Later, Kedarnath acknowledged taking the cash out. According to the commission’s report, Shanti Devi was in fact Lugdi Devi’s reincarnation.

Where Did Her Story Ultimately Take Us?

The foremost expert on reincarnation, Dr. Ian Stevenson, stated: “I also interviewed her father, Shanti Devi, and other relevant witnesses, including Kedarnath, the husband she claimed to have had in a previous life. According to my research, she made at least 24 memories-related statements that were verified facts.

If not proof, it is certainly strongly suggestive of reincarnation. For some, it was an unfathomable religious belief that had its roots.

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