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Elon Musk claims that a cage fight between him and Zuckerberg will be shown live in Italy.

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Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, the two giants of technology, have been joking about online for weeks about having a “cage fight,” a spectacle that has fascinated their online viewers. The much awaited battle will take place in the ancient city of Rome, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed, ratcheting up the intrigue. The match will be livestreamed on both Meta and Musk’s newly renamed platform, X, according to Musk.

Musk revealed fascinating insights about the unusual incident in a post on his platform. He confirmed that his and Mark Zuckerberg’s humanitarian institutions, not the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), will be in charge of organising the bout. The historic city will be the centre of attention, with Rome’s backdrop providing an immersive atmosphere for the confrontation. Even more, Musk revealed that he has spoken with the prime minister and minister of culture of Italy to get their support for the event’s spectacular site. Musk made it clear that the money raised from the fight will go towards programmes supporting veterans.

Elon Musk claims that a cage fight between him and Zuckerberg will be shown live in Italy.

“My and Zuck’s foundations, not the UFC, will oversee the bout. This platform and Meta will both have a livestream. Nothing contemporary will be seen because the entire scene will be set in ancient Rome. I chatted with the culture minister and prime minister of Italy. They have settled on a fantastic spot, Musk said on X.

Musk sarcastically mentioned that he incorporates weightlifting into his weekday routine in a recent article, giving readers an insight into how he’s preparing for the competition. Zuckerberg responded to his pledge of preparedness by jokingly joking that he wasn’t holding his breath for the scheduled match. Zuckerberg joked that Musk’s approval was still needed when he suggested August 26 as a possible date for the battle.

“Today, I’m ready. When he originally challenged, I proposed August 26, but he hasn’t confirmed,” Zuckerberg responded in the reply, adding, “Not holding my breath.”

The beginnings of this amusing dispute can be traced back to late June, when Musk lit the fuse by tweeting his desire to compete in a “cage match” with Zuckerberg, who has jiujitsu experience. Later that day, Zuckerberg eagerly accepted the offer and worked to decide on the site. The “Vegas Octagon,” a legendary venue associated with mixed martial arts (MMA) championships, was named by Musk in his clever reply.

This joking conversation between the two powerful people instantly attracted a lot of attention, sparking a flurry of conjecture on social media about who may win. The upcoming fight between Musk and Zuckerberg, which was first expected to take place in the UFC Octagon in Las Vegas or possibly the historic Colosseum in Rome, promises to be an enthralling spectacle that has unified their worldwide followers in anticipation.

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