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As Elon Musk auctions off company memorabilia, a statue of the Twitter Bird sells for $100,000

by OnverZe

The statue of the platform’s recognisable bird logo brought the highest price during the tech giant’s fire sale.

The auction that Twitter held to get rid of some of the extra office supplies at its San Francisco office has finally come to a close. More than 600 items, including kitchenware, electronics, furniture, and memorabilia, were put up for auction. The statue of the platform’s recognisable bird logo brought the highest price during the tech giant’s fire sale. Late Tuesday morning, the statue was sold for a whopping $100,000 (Rs 81,25,000). The buyer’s identity is unknown.

According to Heritage Global Partners, the company in charge of managing the auction’s corporate asset disposal, the final bid for the nearly four-foot-tall statue was $100,000. The business, however, declined to comment or reveal any details regarding the bidders or buyers.

A 10-foot neon Twitter bird display that cost $40,000 came in second place (3,21,8240.)

All of Prime, half the price.

Qualifying government assistance recipients can access all of Prime for $6.99/month (reg. /month).

According to Forbes, other noteworthy items included three beer kegerators, a food dehydrator, and a pizza oven, each of which sold for over $10,000 (Rs 815,233). A 190 cm (6 ft) planter shaped like the @ symbol sold for about $15,000 (Rs 12,21,990), while a custom conference room table made of reclaimed wood sold for about $10,000. (8,55,393).

For more than $4,000, thousands of safety masks and a few soundproof phone booths were sold. All items had starting bids between $25 and $50.

Twitter has been attempting to reduce expenses ever since Elon Musk assumed official control of the microblogging platform in late October 2022. The BBC reports that this sale occurs as Mr. Musk trims down Twitter after buying the company last year. The sale, according to the event’s organisers, is not meant to help Twitter’s financial situation.

 In a statement to Fortune magazine last month, a representative of Heritage Global Partners said that “this auction has nothing to do with their financial position.”

HGP representative Nick Dove told Fortune: “We are selling a few chairs, desks, and computers in addition to the 44 billion they have sold for. Therefore, if anyone genuinely believes that the proceeds from the sale of a few computers and chairs will cover the cost of the mountain there, they are a moron.”

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