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Are you making these hair-loss-causing mistakes?

by OnverZe

Hair washing can be challenging. When you’re an adult and your mother isn’t the one to add the water, lather the scalp, and thoroughly wash it, you’re on your own, kid.

Washing your hair is a very important part of a hair care routine, much like washing your face because it is the foundation. But occasionally, hair loss can occur because of seasonal changes, genetics, or even bad habits.

“To keep our scalp and hair free of grime, pollution, and dirt, washing our hair is crucial. However, how we wash our hair has a significant impact on the health of our hair. You might think that washing your hair won’t be a big deal, but there are some mistakes we frequently make when doing so “Dr. Alekya Singapore said.

However, washing shouldn’t be vilified. In actuality, washing your hair properly encourages healthy hair growth while also making it softer and smoother.

Avoiding combing your hair prior to washing

How frequently have you gotten in the shower without first combing your hair? Several times or most likely each time, correct? “The best thing to do before using any kind of cleanser on your hair or scalp is to gently detangle your hair. More hair breaks and falls out as a result of tangled hair “Dr. Alekya Singapore said.

Use of hot water

Although the idea of using cold water in the winter is unsettling, doctors are generally not that harsh. Although using hot water damages the scalp by removing the nutrients and moisture from the hair, it also causes the hair to become dry and brittle.

“The hair shaft is easily broken by hot water, which also makes the hair dry and unruly. Additionally, it damages the scalp’s health by gradually weakening the hair roots. To ensure that your hair receives the benefits of the shampoo, wash it with lukewarm water “Dr. Alekya Singapore was added.

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Your hair is not being thoroughly rinsed

Not thoroughly rinsing the hair after shampooing is a very common error that leads to hair loss. “The hair gradually becomes damaged as a result of the shampoo and conditioner residue. So, after using shampoo and conditioner, be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair with plain water “She spoke.

Using shampoo on your scalp and dry hair

Before using any sort of cleanser, your hair needs to be wet. “You must make sure that your hair is completely submerged in water before using shampoo. Shampoo and other hair products weaken hair when applied to dry or semi-dry hair and scalp. When your hair is wet, the product can be absorbed without damaging the condition of your hair “Dr. Alekya Singapore said.

Vigorously brushing your hair strands

You are mistaken if you believe that over-washing your scalp and hair will make them cleaner. “You should wash your hair with extreme caution. Hair breakage and moisture loss can result from rubbing and scrubbing the scalp and hair “She spoke. Rubbing too hard can result in infections and cause friction. Additionally, after washing your hair, dry it with a gentle microfiber towel.

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