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YouTube announces a global crackdown on ad blocking users

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YouTube has increased the depth of its anti-ad-blocking campaign, making it impossible for users to watch videos on the site when using such add-ons. After starting as a small-scale experiment in June, the crackdown is now a global undertaking. When trying to watch video, viewers with ad blockers active are asked to either allow advertisements on YouTube or think about using YouTube Premium. This initiative has reportedly prevented several users from viewing YouTube videos.

According to a report by The Verge, YouTube has launched a global push to encourage viewers to either view videos with commercials or subscribe to YouTube Premium as a means of combating ad-blockers. The magazine was informed by YouTube’s communications manager, Christopher Lawton, that using ad-blockers on the website violates the platform’s rules of service.

YouTube announces a global crackdown on ad blocking users

According to a report, the following warning will appear as a notice when watching videos with ad-blockers enabled:

1.) You appear to be running an ad blocker. Unless YouTube is allowed or the ad filter is turned off, playing videos is blocked. 

2.) With YouTube Premium, you can avoid advertisements while still allowing creators to be compensated for their work.

Lawton reportedly told the publication that advertisements are essential to the survival of a diversified global community of creators and allow billions of people to watch their favorite content on YouTube. 

The main source of income for YouTube is advertising. Super Chat, channel memberships, merchandising, and other services help content creators make money, but advertising is YouTube’s main source of income in addition to YouTube Premium subscription fees.

You may remember that YouTube launched a number of campaigns early this year to encourage ad-monetization, pressuring users to watch commercials or subscribe to YouTube Premium. The platform released 30-second, non-skippable advertisements for its TV app in May. 

It also started experimenting with lengthier, less frequent television advertisements. However, the platform countered its efforts by enacting a $2 rise in the monthly fee and also increased the cost of its annual subscription, in case these actions actually succeeded in convincing people to choose YouTube Premium.

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