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The Superiority of Vondy: 7 Ways It Outperforms ChatGPT

by OnverZe

There is an abundance of chatbots and AI tools available today, with each serving a different purpose. Since the introduction of ChatGPT, many new AI tools have been developed that can perform a variety of tasks. While there are plenty of AI chatbots and tools available, one newly introduced AI tool is gaining popularity. Unlike ChatGPT, Bard, or Claude 2, this tool offers more than just conversations.

Introducing Vondy AI, an all-in-one platform powered by artificial intelligence that can create content and enhance productivity. The application has been developed by two software engineers, Rohit Das from New York and David Laub from New Jersey. According to users, Vondy AI is even more powerful than OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Here's a thorough explanation of why Vondy AI might be the best AI tool:

Vondy, the all-in-one AI platform: 7 things it does better than ChatGPT

It’s free: ChatGPT operates on the advanced AI model known as GPT-4. However, to use this model, users must subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, which costs approximately $20. On the other hand, Vondy is entirely free and has no message limits. It also includes a pre-built GPT store similar to the App Store, offering over 100 AI assistants.

Make a GPT assistant of your own: At its inaugural developer conference, OpenAI introduced Custom GPTs, which allow users to create their own AI chatbots. However, this feature was only available to premium subscribers. On the other hand, Vondy AI offers a similar service that enables users to create their preferred GPT. To create the GPT, users need to follow these simple steps: go to ‘Create Assistant+’, click on ‘Create your app’, upload a photo, name the agent, and describe its purpose. Once the agent is ready, users can further develop it by asking questions, which is similar to the process used on ChatGPT Plus.

Spend less time: Having your own AI assistant can help you save hours of work. With Vondy AI, you can create an AI assistant to assist you with tasks such as content creation, data analysis, market strategy building, education, and graphic design. Your AI assistant will be there to help you when you need it.

Pre-built GPTs and AI assistants: Vondy AI offers a variety of pre-built AI assistants that can enhance productivity by up to 10 times. While users are free to create their own AI assistants, the platform provides a wide range of options to choose from.

Create content that goes viral: Vondy AI also has an AI assistant who’s a social media influencer. The AI chatbot lets you create content for Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. This is essentially an AI-powered social media manager who can take care of your social media.

Research assistant: AI assistants on Vondy such as the Research Assistant, can come in handy if one is preparing for an interview. It can answer questions almost immediately and can also simulate a real job interview.

Find the best-suited AI tools: Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Vondy AI is that it helps users find the AI assistant that is best suited for a user and their unique needs. One can use the Recommend Free Software Tools AI assistant for this purpose.

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