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WhatsApp users may soon be able to select their own username

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WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is apparently planning on a feature that allows users to customise their username. It means you’ll be able to select your WhatsApp username directly from your profile settings.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is now working on introducing the same feature to the iOS app thanks to the most recent WhatsApp beta for iOS version.

According to the picture provided by WABetaInfo, a new section devoted to this functionality will be added to this page in a future version, making it possible to select your WhatsApp username directly within your profile settings. WhatsApp user names can contain alphanumeric letters and certain special characters, however discriminatory words are not supported.

“This indicates that WhatsApp usernames are distinctive. It’s crucial to remember that establishing a username is optional and that, so long as the participants in the discussion do not already know each other’s phone numbers, the phone number linked with an account that started a chat using a username will always stay hidden.

According to the article, WhatsApp usernames will make it possible to speak with any user, whether they are a person or a company, making it simpler for users to connect with a variety of contacts.

By enabling users to connect without disclosing their phone numbers, the addition of usernames supports their commitment to enhancing privacy and security. They may now communicate with new people and participate in group conversations while yet maintaining a better level of informational secrecy.

Conversations started using usernames will always be encrypted from beginning to end. A future version to the app will include a feature that will allow users to customise their WhatsApp username.

A new reply bar tool for rapid responses to photographs, videos, and GIFs is also being rolled out by WhatsApp.

After users download the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store, the new reply bar features will become accessible while viewing photos or videos in a discussion.

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