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How to deal with wintertime dead skin naturally

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Although the winter season is lovely, the icy air begins to zap the moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and lifeless. Your skin sheds dead skin cells over time, which ages and darkens your skin. Skin cells continuously divide and break down.

However, as the seasons change, it becomes easier to see the dead skin cells that build up on the skin. The body as a whole has recently been exfoliating more dead skin cells because of this. Even more distressing are the dry, dead skin cells on the hands, feet, neck, and face. You might find this information useful if you want to remove the dead skin from your face.

Here are some at-home treatments for dead skin if winter woes are making life difficult for you:

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Aloe vera lotion

A well-known natural moisturiser is aloe vera. One of the best treatments for dead skin, it has moisturising properties and quickly penetrates dry, itchy skin.

To make this, you’ll need honey, rice flour, and aloe vera gel. Before you start, take some fresh aloe vera gel and put it in a bowl. 1 teaspoon of rice flour that has been properly combined. Now massage your face gently using this scrubber. After waiting five minutes, wash your face with water.

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Walnut scrub

Walnuts’ texture, vitamin, and antioxidant content make them an excellent skin exfoliator. They are very good at getting rid of extra oil, dead skin cells, dirt, and grime. Make use of a walnut scrub to unclog and clean your pores.

A handful of walnuts and honey should be combined in a blender. Stir in some honey at this point. With this scrub, give your face a few minutes of massage. Rub your face vigorously, then rinse it with water.

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Coffee scrub

Coffee grounds work well as an exfoliator. The grinds work well to remove dead skin cells because they do not dissolve in water.

One teaspoon of coffee is required to make a coffee scrubber. Set aside one spoon of honey and one spoon of brown sugar for the time being.

Now combine these three ingredients thoroughly. After that, apply it to your face and give it a gentle massage. Wash your face with warm water after about five minutes of massaging. This can be done frequently to get rid of spots and dead skin.

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Orange peels

Natural toners, moisturisers, scrubs, and cleaners can be made from orange peels. They have vitamin C and antioxidants, which stop your skin from becoming overly dry or greasy. It serves as a toner and removes dead skin cells.

The orange peels should first be dried and powdered (using orange peel). In a mixing bowl, combine the coconut oil, raw milk, and orange peel powder. Use this mixture to thoroughly scrub your face. Next, use water to wash your face.

Soya scrub

All the qualities necessary to keep your skin looking young are present in soybeans.

Soybeans should be ground into a powder for this. You’ll need 7 soya pieces. To remove dead skin cells, smash them and then combine them with coconut oil. Scrub the resulting mixture.

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