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Habits to Adopt for a Clearer Vision

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Our most crucial sense is vision since perception depends on our eyesight. However, very few people are aware that as we age, lead unhealthy lives, smoke, and have familial predispositions, the eyes are among the first sense organs to become unwell and damaged. 

Just as it is important for adults and older people to take care of their eyes to prevent the occurrence of life-threatening events like accidents or falls, children should take care of their eyes to prevent the early development of retinal disorders. Therefore, routine examinations should be a part of early prevention of progressive eye diseases such cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and diabetic retinopathy.

According to Dr. N.S. Muralidhar, a former president of VRSI, “in my clinical practise, we see roughly 60% patients with retinal diseases, 10% patients with glaucoma, and 30% patients with cataracts in a month. The quick identification and treatment of these three disorders are crucial. If the illness is not treated in a timely manner, it might lead to irreparable eyesight loss. However, this may be avoided.

“An yearly, regular eye exam can help detect it early, especially in elderly and those with diabetes. Dr. Muralidhar, who is currently the President of the Retina Institute of Karnataka, stated that early identification is essential for rapid treatment and to prevent vision loss.

Follow these tips to maintain a better vision

Check-ups on a regular basis

As they can aid in the prevention of illnesses or the early detection of them and prevent vision loss, routine eye exams are essential for preserving excellent eyesight.

Recognise disorders that affect the eyes

You and your carers can treat eye-related illnesses more effectively if you are aware of them. Being attentive is essential to maintaining our vision, regardless of whether there is outward damage or an underlying illness.

Wear sunglasses

A disorder called macular degeneration occurs when the macula deteriorates over time, leading to blurriness and, in some cases, blindness. Sunglasses are essential to safeguard your eyes since the UV rays of the sun accelerate this process.

Avoid the screen for a while

Excessive use of computers, TVs, and phones can create dry eyes and significant eye strain, which can impair eyesight. To cut down on screen time, it is advised that you take breaks every 30 to 40 minutes. 

Blood pressure and glucose levels should be monitored and managed

If diabetics wish to prevent or control DR, they must constantly monitor their blood glucose levels. While excessive blood pressure can harm organs including the heart and eyes, high glucose levels have been linked to DR, which can result in blindness.

A nutritious diet is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Eliminating vices like smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as getting enough rest and exercising regularly.

Patients should get an eye checkup, including a retina examination, as soon as they are diagnosed with diabetes and then every year even if they are not experiencing any visual issues since it may be too late by the time they begin to lose their vision. 

As DR progresses, the follow-up interval can get shorter. Smoking is one of the preventable causes of AMD, which is age-related and complex, underscoring the need for everyone to make lifestyle adjustments to ensure excellent eye health. 

In order to avoid eye damage and impaired vision, you must be disciplined with your lifestyle, frequent with your checkups, and follow the suggested therapy. Retinal damage cannot be restored.

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