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How to Treat Gastritis Ayurvedically

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It’s not nice to deal with stomach discomfort, but fortunately, Ayurveda, the traditional Indian natural treatment system, has some tricks up its sleeve to aid with those annoying symptoms. Let’s look at a few easy fixes to get your stomach feeling better.

Eating With Caution: According to Ayurveda, your digestion is greatly influenced by the food you consume. Select prepared and warm foods such as rice, soft vegetables, and small amounts of healthy fats like ghee. Foods that are oily, spicy, or packaged should be avoided as they may exacerbate stomach discomfort.

Ginger Tea

Homemade Drinks that Boost the Digestive System

For your stomach, ginger is like a superhero! Boil fresh ginger in water to make ginger tea. Like a warm hug, it can ease the discomfort in your stomach.

Aloe Vera Juice

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Aloe vera works wonders for your digestive system. On an empty stomach, sip a small amount of aloe vera juice in the morning. It might ease and improve the feeling in your stomach.

Licorice Root

These Ayurvedic Remedies can give you relief from acidity

Licorice root is an excellent way to reduce stomach inflammation. It resembles a soft pat for the lining of your stomach. But keep in mind—don’t overindulge! Find out from an Ayurvedic specialist how much is ideal.


How to Treat Gastritis Ayurvedically

Triphala is a unique combination of three potent fruits. It functions like a team of digestive superheroes. Before going to bed, mix it with some warm water to get substantial stomach relief.

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Fennel Seeds

These Ayurvedic Remedies can give you relief from acidity

Fennel seeds are like little helpers for your tummy. Chew on a few after meals to help with bloating and tummy troubles.

Coriander Seeds

How to Treat Gastritis Ayurvedically

These seeds are packed with good stuff to help your tummy. Boil a spoonful, strain, and sip it to help your tummy feel better.

Special Ayurvedic Mixtures

There are some special Ayurvedic mixtures like Avipattikar Churna and Kamdudha Ras that are made to help with tummy troubles. They’re like a powerful team of natural ingredients working together to make your tummy feel better.


How to Treat Gastritis Ayurvedically

Doing yoga and breathing exercises can help calm down stress, which can sometimes make your tummy feel worse. Try poses like the seated forward bend or cobra pose to help your digestion.

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