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Which type of exercise is better for achieving your fitness goals: cardio or weightlifting

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Both cardio and weight training are well-liked and practical methods of calorie burning. Both have special health advantages and work well together. But choosing which one is the most advantageous can be challenging for a novice.

Understanding both types of exercise can serve as a springboard for a fitness journey. Which one should be completed first, we wonder? Your fundamental priorities and goals typically determine this. But generally speaking, weightlifting demands more effort.

Therefore, if we are unable to perform both of these exercises on separate days, we should prioritise weight training and perform weight lifting prior to a cardio workout. A workout that includes both cardio and weightlifting is a healthy exercise. Compared to just weightlifting, cardio enhances heart health and burns more calories. Lifting weights boosts metabolism, develops muscle, and reduces injury risk.

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Cardio benefits

The cardiovascular system essentially benefits from cardio exercises. Cardio can take many different forms, and each has special advantages. Exercise benefits heart health. Increased heart rate from cardio exercise teaches your body to use oxygen more efficiently.


Your risk of diabetes and death can be decreased over time by treating cardiovascular conditions like heart attack, coronary artery disease, and heart disease. Comparatively speaking, cardio poses less risk for someone with heart disease. Weight training burns fewer calories than cardio. How many calories a 185-pound person burns during an hour of moderate cardio at the gym: Running burns 600–1000 calories, biking burns 650–1000 calories, and swimming burns between 500–840 calories. Cardio exercise is good for the heart and lungs.

The advantages of weightlifting

The advantages of weight training are comparable to those of cardio. However, external weights are necessary for weight training. Weight training mainly consists of two types. More muscle is gained by lifting weights. Your metabolism can be boosted by weightlifting. Weight training can boost an exerciser’s metabolism for up to three days after training, sometimes burning up to 50% more calories per pound of muscle, even though it may not burn as many calories as cardio. Lifting weights aids in muscle growth.

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