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A look at how AI contributes to your smartphone

by OnverZe

You might not recognise it right once, but artificial intelligence (AI) really powers many of your phone’s features. Your phone’s technology is always working in the background, performing various duties, even while you are not using it. It examines how your phone is used to maximise battery life, helps you capture clear photographs, recognises music, aids with language translation, and much more.

AI was previously only found in pricey devices that incorporated the most cutting-edge technology. However, since AI is now such a crucial component of mobile applications, chipmakers saw the need to create AI processors specifically for machine learning and deep learning activities to speed up processing. Here are some examples of how AI is now being applied in smartphones.

Face detection on smartphones using AI

A look at how AI contributes to your smartphone

Although most Android phones come with fingerprint recognition technology, which is much more accurate, they encourage customers to utilise facial recognition instead. The true face recognition action is on iOS. The technology replaced Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning method and debuted on the iPhone X in 2017. It is currently a standard feature on all recent iPhones. Hardware elements like the TrueDepth camera system and the AI-supporting Bionic chips are used to make it work.

When the iPhone compares scans of your face to the one you’ve set up and stored on your device to determine whether they match, the AI is activated. Face ID can adjust to changes in your look, including wearing cosmetics or developing facial hair, thanks to AI. Apple has improved Face ID technology over time, boosting its precision, and with the iOS 14.5 update, Face ID now even functions when you’re wearing a mask.

AI for voice assistants on smartphones

A look at how AI contributes to your smartphone

The most widely used voice assistants at the moment are Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby, and you can use at least one of them on any smartphone. AI is used by these voice assistants in even their most basic operations. Using a Deep Neural Network (DNN), the “Hey Siri” detector, for instance, transforms your voice’s acoustic pattern into a “probability distribution over speech sounds,” in accordance with an Apple research blog post. The method then checks your computer’s confidence score to see if you actually said “Hey Siri.”

That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. The built-in processing and understanding capabilities of Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby go well beyond simple “Hey Google” and “Hey Siri” commands. They answer by creating concise words like a human would and swiftly digest difficult questions. These aren’t stored replies; instead, the AI helpers are taught linguistic principles to aid with sentence construction, much like chatbots like ChatGPT.

Due to the vast array of tasks voice assistants may perform for you—including setting reminders, providing directions, reading news, controlling your gadgets, sending messages, and much more—AI and machine learning are essential. These jobs would have required a mammoth amount of human programming, so voice assistants are taught to draw conclusions from their own experiences.

AI for mobile photography

A look at how AI contributes to your smartphone

While AI image processing was once only available on expensive smartphones, it is now included in even entry-level models. Regardless of the environment or your ability level, AI in imaging makes sure that your picture appears respectable. It performs magic by improving photographs, sharpening hazy areas, lowering noise for photos taken in low-light conditions, providing a bokeh effect, and doing a lot more. AI is particularly useful in low-cost smartphone cameras because it can compensate for hardware deficiencies with software processing, greatly enhancing quality.

The True Tone technology included on Google Pixel smartphones is a fantastic illustration of how AI may be used to smartphone photography. In the past, cameras have had trouble capturing persons of colour effectively, which has led to unsightly pictures for those with darker complexion tones. Google enhanced its camera tuning models and algorithms with True Tone to better correctly highlight various skin tones.

The Single Take function from Samsung is another illustration. According to Samsung, Single Take makes sure that “precious moments that pass in the blink of an eye are not lost.” It can take up to 10 images per second while concurrently recording video for up to 20 seconds. After that, AI applies various effects to draw attention to the finest pictures and videos, producing up to 10 pictures and up to 4 video clips in real-time.

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