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When applying makeup, stay away from these mistakes

by OnverZe

Makeup is a sophisticated phenomenon that aims to conceal flaws while highlighting distinctive features. Even though it has occupied a sizable portion of the beauty industry for decades, many people still appear to be learning about it.

Although the effects of makeup products on the skin have occasionally been disputed, many people consider applying makeup to be an art form. However, correctly applying makeup is crucial for achieving that flawless appearance.

Dermatologist Dr. Gurveen Waraich, who practises in Gurgaon, shared common makeup errors on Instagram that could harm people’s skin.

Cosmetic wipes

Many beauty influencers have been warning people against using makeup wipes for a while now because they can irritate the skin and are bad for the environment. Dr. Waraich strongly rejected it.

“Makeup wipes should never be used! They are not only harmful to the environment, but they are also bad for your skin. They cause skin to become dry, improperly clean the makeup, and they can irritate or aggravate acne-prone skin. Choose oil-based or biphasic (oil and water) makeup removers; they are available from all reputable brands “She composed.

Set brows with soap

Many people set their brows with soap rather than eyebrows to prevent drooping. Dr. Waraich, however, advised against this method.

“Although Soap Brows are a common social media trend, dermatologists do not recommend them. Please refrain from using soap to set your eyebrows as it can harm your skin and cause temporary brow hair loss “read the caption.

Apply makeup to dry skin

According to Dr. Waraich’s writings, there is a significant risk of skin irritation when applying makeup to dry skin. If you apply makeup directly to skin without first priming it thoroughly with a hydrating serum and a moisturiser, there is a very high chance that your skin will become irritated, she warned.

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Making use of a dry makeup sponge

A lot of people use a makeup sponge to mix their primer and foundation. By blending, we can soften our facial features’ angular edges and create a dewy, soft appearance. However, applying makeup with a damp makeup sponge might make a world of difference.

“Wetting your makeup sponge before using it is a trick makeup artists swear by; fortunately, it also works for skin. Wet sponges are easier to clean and will absorb less product, likely resulting in less bacterial contamination. It should go without saying that you should clean the sponge after each use and replace it every three months “The dermatologist mentioned.

Lipstick used as a cheek tint

This quick and simple makeup trick harmonises the lips and cheeks. Dr. Waraich, however, advised against using lipstick as a cheek tint because the pigment could discolour the skin.

Dark lipsticks contain a blend of metal pigments that, on occasion, can sensitise the skin and result in discoloration or eczema.

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