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Success hack rich people don’t tell us

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Our brain governs and controls everything within the body. Every organ and body part is connected to our brain through an intricate nervous system. The interesting fact to remember is, that the most important nerve endings are on our finger tips. The Hand Mudras are some unique hand motions and gestures. When sustained with focus, they can directly stimulate these nerves to start the healing processes within the body.

Here are five Mudras that can help you gain domination over your Team. If you consider yourself a leader, you should start practicing these Mudras everyday. 

These are the Top 5 Most Powerful Hand Mudras to Gain Domination Over Your group

1. Awakening Mudra (Uttrabodhi Mudra)

This Mudra has the power to invoke enlightenment in you, as well as a greater awareness and consciousness of the spirit. It helps you overcome your fears, relaxes your body, and restores your energy. 

We all go through some times in life, when we feel depressed or de-motivated. Specifically in those time, this Mudra can be very useful. This will bring out the positivity and motivated feeling within yourself. The Practitioners of this Mudra say that it is like an awakening after a long deep hibernation sleep, and being a leader, you need to be awake and aware.

2. Enlightenment Mudra (Yoni Mudra)

At times when we feel confused and end up making some decisions that we are not proud of as a leader. We jump from one direction to another and lose the focus. 

Practicing Enlightenment Mudra, will help you quiet down the chaos, happening within your nervous system. It helps you have more control over your senses. 

As a result, it will help you in developing inner awareness and improving your communication skills. And we all know why good communication skills are essential to be a great leader that everyone wants to follow. 

You will be able to attain a state of mind where making tough decisions will feel very easy, and you will be able to delegate proper directions to your team.

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3. Illumination Mudra (Kalesvara Mudra)

Have you ever felt like you have endless running thoughts and ideas in your brain? Basically when your thoughts are running in a never ending loop, achieving nothing.

Performing Illumination Mudra 5 minutes a day will help you slow down your thoughts. It will give your brain ample time to sort out your thoughts and prioritize them as well. 

It will also make you more aware of additive behaviors in your communication style. 

And that’s not all – it improves your memory, clears your mind of competing thoughts, and helps you concentrate to actually allow you to get important tasks done.

4. Unbreakable Trust Mudra

This Mudra will instil unshakable self-confidence in you. 

You will feel growing inner strength and faith in yourself. Your self-assurance will soar by practicing it everyday, and eventually, this will translate into your speaking as well. You will come across as a confident speaker. As a result, your team will trust your decisions and follow your directions without questioning them. Remember, no one follows a leader who doesn’t sound confident.

It will also enable you to decide, how your future self will live. In other words, it will help you make your dreams come true.

5. Kali Mudra

We all go through some times, when we feel too much burden or pressure on us. Being a leader is not an easy job, it’s not a piece of cake, it actually requires you to handle, a great deal of information and pressure. 

The Kali Mudra is useful in, getting rid of some heavy and unnecessary baggage on your heart. You can compare this process with, archiving obsolete or unnecessary emails from your inbox, we all know how good it feels like. 

It empowers you with strength to get through a tough day, that we all experience time to time. It helps you feel light and also promotes optimism in the body and helps unclogging blockages.

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