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Cell phone etiquette guidelines you should follow

by OnverZe

We’ve all experienced being exposed to one side of someone else’s discussion while in public. Worse, when someone’s phone is on speaker mode with the loudness turned up to eleven. The fact is that nasty mobile phone users can be found anyplace there is a cell service, and most people are unaware they are doing it. In fact, you may be the one! 

So, to help you remember your manners, peruse this collection of phone etiquette standards we should all observe. 

The phone is being used by you, not someone else

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It is not the obligation of other people to put up with your cell phone use. However, it is your obligation to behave civilly when using your phone. That is to say, the issue is not what you think others would tolerate, but rather what they find objectionable. You go over the line into rudeness by disobeying this rule. 

Avoid using a phone while driving

This one should be evident. Don’t chat on the phone or send texts while operating a vehicle. You are endangering both your life and the lives of others in addition to breaching the law. If you must use your phone, stop anywhere.

Never yell when on the phone

Typically, you can speak into the microphone without shouting in order to be heard on the other end. Just call back later if you’re in a noisy setting. Additionally, yelling on the phone disturbs anyone nearby. Your chats, much less your arguments, don’t need to be shared with anybody else.

When using a phone in public, be sure to speak more quietly

When talking on the phone in public, you should immediately drop your voice in addition to avoiding yelling. Just imagine yourself in their position. Why would someone want to listen to your discussion if you don’t want to hear theirs?

When paying for products, end phone conversations

You shouldn’t engage in conversation with the cashier when they are assisting you just because you don’t know them. It’s impolite to continue talking on the phone in front of them unless it’s an emergency. Interact with the person in front of you by hanging up. 

Switch off your phone

Simply said, there are some areas where cell phones shouldn’t be and frequently aren’t allowed. When you’re in a church or temple, a movie theatre, or both, turn it off. Just as unsettling as the brightness from your phone’s screen is having your phone on vibrate.

Avoid using a phone when travelling by public transit

On public transportation, people are frequently frantic, stressed out, or worn out. They certainly don’t want to hear a chance phone call in their ear. When you’re on the move, be considerate, and use your smartphone wisely above all else. 

When you're eating, put your phone aside

Even though this phone etiquette guideline may seem rather simple, treating your guests with respect is crucial, especially when you’re supposed to be mingling with them over a meal. Inform the person you are with in advance if you expect an important call. Do not talk on the phone while seated at the table under any circumstances. Make careful to leave the area and return soon.

Don't text when in meetings at work

Simply said, there are some places when using a phone is inappropriate. Imagine your supervisor watching you text while paying no attention to what is happening. You both look horrible wearing that. Additionally, setting a poor example for your staff by using your phone during meetings if you’re the boss. Just silence your phone and concentrate on the meeting.

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