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Resolutions for the New Year that we make each year but break

by OnverZe
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Every year, people make resolutions for the coming year with the intention of keeping them and living by them, but very few of them are actually kept. While some are brand-new, others are simply carried over from year to year. Let’s look at some resolutions that people almost always make but don’t keep as we approach the year 2023.

Eat healthy

I guess the most challenging one. Most people who make New Year’s resolutions prioritize maintaining a healthy weight or overall wellbeing. The most important is eating cleanly and healthfully, which sounds simple but is actually quite challenging to do. especially if you enjoy eating junk food late at night or find it difficult to find love for greens.

Workout More

Similar to making healthy food choices, going to the gym or exercising in general is another common resolution. It requires a lot of drive, commitment, and willpower, all of which many of us lack, though not always. We set unrealistic fitness goals and crazy workout schedules, and while it’s all great in January, the struggle to stick to them starts the very next month. especially if you put in long hours at work. Possibly this year?

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Spending less money

To reduce our spending is a common new year’s resolution, which entails avoiding ordering in and going to fewer malls. Even though saving money for a long-awaited vacation sounds like a good idea, the biggest obstacles are often last-minute date night emergency shopping or late-night hunger pangs. We all experience those “I have nothing to wear in my closet, let’s go shopping” moments. For most of us, it happens more frequently than you might imagine.

Avoid using social media as much

Many people have built successful careers on social media, but be warned: it’s addictive even though it’s a great way to connect and socialise online! Consider the times you intended to go to bed early but stayed up watching movies until four in the morning. Right, this sounds familiar. 

While many of us want to spend less time on social media, it can be challenging to keep up, especially with the latest outfit ideas and hilarious memes. However, let’s hope that 2023 ends up being the year that motivates us to stick with this resolution.

Stop smoking

Well, only smokers should attempt this. Everyone who smokes is aware of how harmful and unhealthy it is, yet they continue to do so. People make a resolution to stop using it in the new year because it is addictive. Some people go about it in a planned manner, while others simply give up—only to light up again six days later! Smoking is bad for your health. Then good luck with quitting.

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