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There are bizarre landscapes on Earth that you won’t believe exist

by OnverZe

Even though exploring other worlds via space travel sounds like so much fun, most of us will never get the chance. Because the Earth is so big and odd, you’re in luck because there are a lot of exotic landscapes there just waiting to be explored.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

This Jordanian desert may appear like it’s on Mars, but it’s actually quite real. Wadi Rum is a valley carved out of sandstone and granite rock, often known as the Valley of the Moon.

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

This glacier lake’s hues are unlike anything you would often see on Earth. The ice pieces that wash ashore stand in great contrast to the beach’s frozen coastline and its black volcanic sands.

Spotted Lake, Canada

The “spots” in this lake, which is located in British Columbia, are brought on by minerals in the water.This lake’s odd-looking patches are a result of extensive deposits of magnesium, calcium, and sodium sulphates.

Antelope Canyon, USA

Sandstone was eroded by water to create this formation, which is why it has flowing forms. On Navajo property in Arizona, there is a slot canyon that has grown to be a well-liked US tourist attraction.

Fly Geyser, USA

This bizarre-looking structure, which can be seen in Nevada close to Black Rock Desert, was created after a geothermal business drilled on this location before abandoning it. The geyser’s surrounding desert has been covered with minerals from the geothermal water for the past 40 years, forming a mound that is covered in algae and giving it a multicoloured appearance.

Peyto Glacier, Canada

The turquoise hue of the lake, which is found in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, is almost Neptune-like. The glacial silt, which is transported from the glacier by streams, is what gives it its alien hue.

Bromo Volcano, Indonesia

This East Java active volcano offers breathtaking vistas that make the walk from the settlement of Cemoro Lawang well worth it. The best part of the visit was witnessing the breathtaking sunsets.

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