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First meeting on aliens at NASA: 800 ‘mysterious’ UFO sightings confirmed

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The fascinating discoveries of the cosmos inspire scientists to carry out more research. Thanks to advanced technology and growing knowledge of space, astronomers are constantly working to learn more and more about the other world. Another subject that has generated interest from both experts and the general public is UFO sightings. 

In its first public meetings, the space agency is prepared to start its investigation into enigmatic UFO sightings, also known as unidentified aerial phenomena. A 16-member group of top experts from a range of fields, including physics, astrobiology, and others, was gathered last year. The research team held a four-hour session live broadcast on a NASA webcast to discuss their initial findings before publishing a report anticipated later this summer.

The biggest problem brought up by panellists was the dearth of scientifically sound methods for capturing UFO sightings, which are typically reports of what seem to be objects moving against the laws of physics and nature.

They contend that the fundamental problem is that the aforementioned phenomena are frequently identified and recorded using cameras, sensors, and other devices that aren’t designed or calibrated to precisely capture and analyse such details.

The NASA investigation is distinct from a recently formalised Pentagon investigation into unexplained aerial phenomena recorded by military aviators and investigated by US defence and intelligence officials. Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s newly established All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO, claims that over the past 20 years, the U.S. military has kept track of more than 800 cases.

The concurrent NASA and Pentagon initiatives, both of which involved some form of public investigation, highlight a turning point for the US government after decades spent avoiding, refuting, and discrediting reports of unidentified flying objects, which have been closely linked to theories about flying saucers and aliens since the 1940s.

Despite the fact that some thought NASA’s science mission would herald a shift towards a more accepting viewpoint on the matter, the US space agency was clear that it was not making any hasty judgements. There is “no evidence UAPs are extraterrestrial in origin,” NASA stated when the panel was announced in June of last year.

US defence officials claim that hundreds of new reports have come in as a result of the Pentagon’s recent push to investigate such sightings; however, the majority of these reports are still regarded as unexplained. However, no sighting has produced evidence of extraterrestrial origins, according to the head of the Pentagon’s newly established All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, ruling out the possibility of intelligent alien life.

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