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The most popular snacks sold as street food worldwide

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A list of the top street dishes from across the world was released by the renowned gastronomy website Taste. See which ones are consumed the most in the photos below.

Tacos (Mexico)

Mexico’s tacos come in first. These are tortillas made of wheat or maize that have been filled with a variety of foods, including cheese, meat and virtually invariably hot sauces.

Cheeseburger (United States)

The cheeseburger differs from a regular hamburger in that it has a piece of cheese. Since it pulled attention away from the tender flesh, the idea was not well received in theory. But the concept gained traction, and today it is ranked second among the greatest dishes sold on the street.

Yakitori (Japan)

Chicken chunks are put into a skewer called a “kushi,” which can be constructed of steel or bamboo, and then traditionally cooked over charcoal.

Roti (India)

Roti is a type of unleavened bread made from wholemeal wheat and is cooked on a tava, an essential cooking equipment in Indian cuisine.

Baozi (China)

Baozi, also known as Bao, is a steamed bun with a broad range of fillings, including sweet and savoury choices as well as meat and veggies.

Nachos (Mexico)

Once more, Mexican-inspired food is included on the list of the 10+. Tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and jalapenos are known as nachos, which have gained popularity worldwide and won over even the most unusual palates.

Pho (Vietnam)

Beyond being a typical Vietnamese noodle soup, pho is much more. It is a delicacy that determines a people’s way of existence. The components might be relatively straightforward or very complicated, depending on the recipe.

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