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Pasadena attractions for tourists that live up to the hype

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Pasadena, known for the vibrant floats of the annual Rose Parade, has seen a slow but steady growth over the centuries. The city that exists today was once a Spanish colonial mission that was established in the 1770s. Both the San Jacinto Strawberry Festival and the annual rodeo draw large crowds of visitors and residents alike. Inquisitive minds are welcome to visit the Historical Museum and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory if they prefer to focus on the intellectual side of things.

There are some breathtaking attractions in Pasadena that you simply must see! numerous locations, including the Rose Bowl Stadium, the Arlington Garden in Pasadena, and the Colorado Street Bridge. Scroll down to learn more.

Colorado Street Bridge

Colorado Street Bridge, constructed in 1913, has a 1486-foot span and 150-foot-tall arches at their highest point. The bridge, which was built above the Arroyo Seco river, is characterised by its Beaux-Arts arches, lights, and railings. Bridge draws tourists due to both its architecture and the views it offers of the city.

Pasadena Convention Center

The 130,000 square foot, LEED Gold Certified Pasadena Convention Centre is GBAC Star Accredited and offers over 1,200 hotel rooms within easy walking distance and 1,300 rooms just a short drive away. The Pasadena Convention Centre, situated in the Civic Centre District, can accommodate gatherings of any size thanks to its large display halls, enormous ballroom, and numerous breakout rooms.

Tournament Of Roses

Numerous networks and stations in the US broadcast the Rose Parade live. Over 80,000 hours of joint support are provided annually by the 935 volunteer partners of the Tournament of Roses Association. Because they volunteer in noticeable white suits, these civic-minded men and women are known as “White Suiters” and sacrifice their nights, weekends, and holidays to maintain the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl.

Huntington Library

The wealthy American philanthropist Arabella Huntington was the wife of railroad magnate Henry E. Huntington. The museum showcases the civilizations of many different nations around the world through its extensive collection of historical literature, arts, and culture, which may be displayed on its expansive grounds.

Norton Simon Museum

A museum of art called the Norton Simon Museum is situated in Pasadena, California, in the United States. In 1954, the Pasadena Art Institute changed its name to the Pasadena Art Museum, and it remained in that Chinoiserie-style structure on North Los Robles Avenue until 1970. European paintings, sculptures, and tapestries are all over the museum.

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