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The world’s most populated cities

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The list of the world’s most populous cities was compiled using data from the official census, the 2021 Demographia World Urban Areas report, and 2018 United Nations estimates. According to recent UN estimates, cities can be divided into three categories: cities themselves, urban areas, and metropolitan areas. Chongqing, China, is the largest city in the world when measured by the term “city proper.” Tokyo is the most populous “urban agglomeration” in the world, while Shanghai, China, is the most populous “metropolitan city,” according to the other two definitions. The data in this gallery, which also includes metropolitan areas, include the population of agglomerations as a whole according to the highest estimates.

São Paulo (Brazil)

The population of the metropolitan area of So Paulo, which consists of 39 municipalities, is 27 million, or roughly 70% of the state’s total population of more than 40 million, making it the fifth most populous metropolitan area in the world, behind Chongqing, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Manila (Philippines)

On Luzón, the largest of the Philippine islands, Manila is located on the eastern shore of the same-named bay. Its population is 23,971,000. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and the industrial, cultural, and economic hub of the nation despite the pockets of poverty that exist there.

New York (United States)

The two neighbouring states of New Jersey and Connecticut are also part of the New York metropolitan area. The total population is 23,582,649 people. With 8.8 million residents, New York City is the most populous city in the State and the country, surpassing Los Angeles in size. It is situated on an area of about 785 km2 at the mouth of the Hudson River, on the Atlantic Ocean.

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Mumbai (India)

A surface area of 437.71 square kilometres, 24,400,000 people. Mumbai, which is on India’s west coast, has a deep natural harbour that accommodates nearly half of the country’s maritime freight traffic.

Chongqing (China)

One of the People’s Republic of China’s four autonomous municipalities is the city of Chongqing, which is located in south-central China. 32,054,159 people call an area of 82,401 square kilometres home.

Delhi (India)

One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Delhi has 31,870,000 residents as of today. It is situated in northern India, along the banks of the Yamuna River.

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