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OpenAI has released a new tool that allows you to create your own ChatGPT: know more

by OnverZe

On Monday, OpenAI held its first developer conference. Along with a slew of new announcements about its language model, OpenAi has launched a new platform that allows users to construct customized versions of its popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT. This news was revealed at the DevDay conference in San Francisco. Sam Altman took the stage and used the GPT builder to create a custom GPT in real-time. The fascinating part is that developers will not have to make these modifications; instead, simple language instructions will be provided. ChatGPT Plus subscribers have unique access to the new GPT builder tool. 

To ChatGPT, OpenAI has added support for voice and image capabilities

The accessibility of fresh AI chatbots

The future GPT Store will sell the new AI agents, or GPTs, for a price. OpenAI has promised to pay creators according on how their GPTs are used, even if specifics regarding the store’s operations are currently being kept under wraps. To date, the revenue-sharing mechanism has not been disclosed to the public. Enterprise clients of OpenAI and subscribers to ChatGPT Plus will be able to access the GPTs. These clients will be able to make GPTs that their staff members can use internally.

How to Use the New GPT Store and Builder

Before a GPT is released, users may direct how they want it to communicate with others thanks to OpenAI’s new platform. Web surfing, DALL-E, and OpenAI’s Code Interpreter tool for creating and running software can all be made available to each GPT. Right now, the builder can train their own GPT using natural language.

The window adjacent to the tool will display the adjustments that the creators have requested in real time. Additionally, the app will make recommendations for adjustments based on the intended chatbot’s theme. 

Sam Altman attempted to create a new GPT on stage to assist startup founders in navigating the process of creating a company. The GPT builder tool makes recommendations of its own for everything from the name to creating a profile photo. In order to give the end user results that are pertinent to them, the builder can additionally upload particular documents.

OpenAI’s new store aims to take on AI bot platforms such as Character.AI and Meta. But the methodology is quite different. Using the various GPTs available in the shop, OpenAI will concentrate on the functional side of the chatbot rather than aiming for preset behavior. Wider alternatives will also result from the company’s decision to make the construction tool available to developers. Users can also add other attributes to the new GPT builder tool to give it a distinct personality.


OpenAI has verified that the developers cannot access the conversations users engage with these bots, even if they use their tools to create GPT. Additionally, OpenAI has promised to keep an eye on activities to stop abuses like hate speech, fraud, and pornographic themes.

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