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Tesla owner implants a chip in hand to unlock the car

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After spending $400 to have his keys permanently implanted in his hand, a Tesla enthusiast will never lose his keys again. This week, Tesla owner Brandon Dalaly posted a video to social media in which he can be seen getting a chip inserted in his right hand and using it to unlock his car.

Dalaly told Teslarati, “Now I use that as my key when my Bluetooth key fails or I don’t have my key card. You only need to use your hand. The strange act is made possible by a chip known as a Vivokey Apex, which makes use of NFC technology and the same “tap-to-pay” capability that makes Apple Pay feasible on iPhones.

Dalaly claimed that he is a member of a beta group of roughly 100 individuals who are testing the chips prior to their general availability. It essentially has its own app store where you can wirelessly load apps into your body with these chips, according to the business that put this together, he added. And it just so happened that a Tesla key card was one of the apps. Because I own a Tesla, that was the first app I installed on it.

In the video, Dalaly must rub his hand against his car before it will unlock. the video was shot “three days after implantation and there was still swelling,” he claimed on Twitter. 

Now it reads quickly,” he continued. It can also be connected to any upcoming Tesla.

Tesla owners who do not wish to have chips implanted in them can access their cars with a keycard or a smartphone app. Dalaly told Teslarati that he already had a another smaller chip in his left hand that stores the codes for his coronavirus vaccination card, his house keys and his contact information.

The whole plan was for me to hold my auto key in my right hand and my house key in my left,” he stated.

The first one wasn’t as intense since it wasn’t shoved into my hand with that enormous rod, he stated. The initial one was preloaded into a bigger syringe. Similar to how they would microchip a dog, they inserted the syringe in and popped in the chip. Tech worker Dalaly also responded to internet sceptics who spread “conspiracy theories” regarding human microchip implantation.

This technology is only getting started, and the product is quite specific, he said. And there has been a lot of opposition. People believed Bill Gates had hidden tracking devices inside the COVID vaccination. Numerous conspiracy ideas are fueled by it.

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