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The End of an Era: Microsoft’s 28-Year-Old Writing Tool Retires

by OnverZe

Microsoft has announced plans to phase out WordPad, its long-standing application, from the forthcoming versions of the Windows operating system. This move is a significant shift since WordPad has been a part of Windows since 1995. According to the Windows Insider Blog, WordPad will no longer come pre-installed after performing a clean installation of the OS starting from the current build. 

Furthermore, in an upcoming release of Windows, WordPad will be completely removed, and it will not be possible to reinstall the application. Microsoft has classified WordPad as a ‘deprecated Windows feature,’ indicating that it is no longer actively developed and may be eliminated in future Windows releases.

The tech giant suggests alternatives for different document types, recommending Microsoft Word for rich text documents such as .doc and .rtf files, and Windows Notepad for plain text documents like .txt files.

While WordPad has been in a deprecated state since September 1 of the previous year, Microsoft Word, its more feature-rich alternative released in August 1995, remains part of the stable version of Windows 11. The impending changes are slated to go through beta and developer channels first, signifying that it might be some time before they are fully implemented across Windows versions.

If you have forgotten what the WordPad has been a basic text editing tool that comes pre-installed with Windows and has served users who need simple document creation and editing functionality. Its removal might inconvenience some users who rely on its straightforward features for quick document tasks without needing the more advanced features of Microsoft Word.

The removal of WordPad from Windows might be part of an effort to simplify Windows features or encourage the use of more advanced word processing software like Microsoft Word. As a result, users who require only basic text editing capabilities may need to explore other options available in the market or opt for other free or open-source word processing applications. 

However, it is important to note that software companies’ plans and decisions can change, and there may have been updates or changes regarding WordPad’s status since my last update. To obtain the most up-to-date information on WordPad’s fate, it is recommended that you check for the latest news or official announcements from Microsoft.

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