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Things that are Banned in north korea

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One of the world’s most closed off and repressive nations is North Korea. Kim Jong-un, the country’s leader, is working hard to ward off outside influences. The following things are prohibited or subject to restrictions in North korea.


Citizens of North Korea are not allowed to own private property. Instead, people are given a place to live by the government for a set amount of time.

Western fashion

North Korea prohibits the wearing of Western clothing, including blue jeans, designer shoes, and short skirts, in two of its bordering provinces, North Hamgyong and Yanggang, where residents are more exposed to outside information and cultural trends.


There are only a few state-approved haircuts in North Korea for both men and women. Women who are married must maintain short hair, whereas unmarried women can get away with slightly longer, curlier locks. In contrast, men’s hair cannot be longer than five centimetres, unless they are older, in which case it may be up to seven centimetres.


The North Korean government makes an effort to keep its people ignorant of religious holidays. Many people are unaware of the identity of Jesus Christ, let alone the fact that Christmas marks his birth. Unbelievably, Christmas trees with lights and ornaments can be seen all year long in the capital, serving as everyday accents rather than seasonal ornaments.


Although Pyongyang may be among the last cities on earth without a Starbucks

Foreign radio and TV

It is forbidden to watch foreign television or listen to foreign radio in North Korea in an effort to limit North Koreans’ exposure to the outside world in general and Western culture in particular. As a matter of fact, “it is illegal even to own or possess a radio or television set capable of being tuned to any station other than the official North Korean media.”

Apple products

All of the announcements made by Apple at the "Scary Fast" event:

Apple devices are difficult to find in the Hermit Kingdom as a result of U.S. sanctions against North Korea, which forbid the “export, re-export, sale, or supply” of any Apple products from the United States or American citizens. The nation’s ruling class, though, appears to be able to seize them.


In Pyongyang, hamburgers are a well-liked fast food item, but Big Macs are not available there. Although the Hermit Kingdom has hinted at opening its first outlet, there are currently no McDonald’s or other Western franchises in North Korea.

Taking photos

While visiting North Korea, tourists are allowed to take pictures, but there are some restrictions, such as not being able to take pictures of the military or construction sites. When leaving the country, customs may delete some photos.

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