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Morocco builds the biggest solar plant in the world

by OnverZe

Morocco wants to lead the world in renewable energy, The nation not only hosts a Formula ePrix, but it also has the most concentrated solar Plant in the whole globe.

The Noor-Ouarzazate complex, which spans an area larger than 3,000 hectares (3,500 football fields), generates enough electricity to power a metropolis twice the size of Marrakesh or Prague.

The entire installation, which is located at the entrance to the Sahara Desert, generates 580 megawatts, saving the globe from roughly 760,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Morocco’s one of the world’s most aggressive energy goals is by 2020, it is intended that 42% of its energy will come from renewable sources. The nation is on track to meet this goal as well, with 35% of its energy already coming from renewable sources owing to places like Noor Ouarzazate.

The highest tower in Africa at 243 metres, it contains molten salt that is melted to produce electricity.

Curved mirrors focus radiation to heat fluid tubes that are pushed to a power unit, as opposed to regular solar panels which send energy directly to the grid. The energy is stored by the device to be used later, particularly at night when demand is highest.

According to the World Bank, which financed the construction of the plant with a $400 million loan combined with $216 million provided by the Clean Technology Fund, a cylinder full of salt is melted by the warmth from the mirrors during the day and stays hot enough at night to provide up to three hours of power.

According to the World Bank, imported fossil fuels presently meet 97% of Morocco’s energy needs. The nation is eager to diversify and begin using renewable energy as a consequence. According to Yassir Badih, senior project manager of Masen, “Morocco is an emerging nation.”

“Since 2010, the demand for electricity has doubled, and by 2030, we want Morocco to be one of the first nations in the world where the share of renewable energy surpasses that of fossil fuels.”

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