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Google maps adds Three new features for travellers

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In many areas of the world, summer is in full swing, therefore many people are taking vacations and travelling. Google has launched a few additional capabilities for Google Maps in light of this.

Glanceable directions

“Glanceable directions” is a brand-new feature that Google is integrating into Google Maps. With this functionality, users can easily keep tabs on their travel status from the lock screen or route overview. Users are able to quickly be informed about updated anticipated arrival times (ETAs) and forthcoming turns by opting in and asking directions to their destination. 

This data was previously only available in full navigation mode. Google will automatically adjust the journey if customers choose to take a different route. This month, glanceable directions will be gradually made accessible around the world on Android and iOS smartphones in the walking, cycling, and driving modes.

Updates to Recents

Google Maps now includes a function that enables users to store locations in their Recent highlights even after closing the Google Maps application. With the help of this feature, users will be able to take pauses from trip preparation and pick up where they left off when they go back to it.

Christina Tong, a senior product manager at Google Maps, claims that users have the option to delete locations they have already visited, plan numerous trips at once, and share a selection of locations (such hotels or attractions) with their travelling companions to get their advice. Users may pick three or more destinations after deciding the places they want to visit, click “directions,” and Google Maps will create a tailored itinerary that includes all the stops. The user’s Recents section will save this route.

Immersive View

Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice are the latest four places where Google has launched Immersive View. Additionally, the company is expanding this service to more than 500 notable locations throughout the world. 

Immersive View integrates a large number of photos using cutting-edge AI technology to provide a multidimensional perspective of numerous locales, together with trustworthy information displayed in layers.

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