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WhatsApp now supports password-less login; here’s how to enable it

by OnverZe

By adding a passwordless login option, WhatsApp is significantly improving the security and user experience of its Android application. With the help of this feature, Android users will no longer be required to rely on the frequently unreliable and occasionally irksome two-factor SMS authentication. By allowing users to unlock their WhatsApp accounts using their face, fingerprint, or PIN, WhatsApp hopes to improve security and streamline the login process.

WhatsApp made this announcement via X (previously Twitter), indicating a change to a more user-friendly and secure authentication method. This feature, which WhatsApp had been testing in the beta version, is now planned to be made available to all Android users. Unfortunately, there is still no official word on the release date for iPhone users’ access to WhatsApp passkeys.

To make the login process easier for millions of users, passkey support for Android will gradually be rolled out over the coming weeks and months. Passkeys are a compelling replacement for conventional passwords because they rely on the strong authentication options built into your device.

Both Apple and Google have already adopted this technology and are allowing their users to use passkeys. Particularly Google has actively urged its users to switch from traditional passwords to passkeys, highlighting the faster and increased security they offer. Passkeys use a particular type of cryptography that increases security and are reportedly 40% faster than conventional passwords.

The implementation of passkeys by Google itself earlier this year has gone well, with users reporting increased convenience and security. Although Google acknowledges that the adoption of new technologies takes time, traditional passwords may still be in use for a while despite the fact that this technology represents a significant advancement in authentication. However, the use of passkeys for logging into online accounts is steadily growing, and WhatsApp’s addition of this feature for Android users is a significant step towards a passwordless future.

How to activate the passkeys feature in WhatsApp for Android

Here’s how to enable WhatsApp’s new passkeys feature as soon as it becomes available, even though it hasn’t yet made it to devices worldwide.

-Start WhatsApp and navigate to the settings page.

-Click “Account.”

-Choose “Passkeys.”

-Select “Create a passkey.”

-Read the informational popup that outlines the passkey’s features.

-Press “Continue.”

-Google Password Manager will send you a notification asking if you want to create a passkey for WhatsApp.

-Click “Continue” and choose “Use screen lock” to enable logging in using the screen lock feature on your phone. Now, you can see your WhatsApp passkey for your reference.

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