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Movies and TV programmes that foretold the future

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Anything is conceivable in the realm of fiction. However, several movie/show plots and stories contain imaginative and supposedly prophetic aspects that subsequently turn out to be surprisingly true. Below are the movies and tv show that predicted the future:

The Simpsons

‘The Simpsons’ has a lengthy history of accurately forecasting future events. From the development of FaceTime to Donald Trump’s administration, there are some coincidental events and others that are not, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. It was previewed in a 1998 episode titled ‘Simpson Tide,’ in which Homer unintentionally blasts the captain out of the submarine and into Russian seas during a military training. Russia promptly retaliates by deploying troops and tanks into Berlin to rebuild the Berlin Wall.

Contagion (2011)

In Steven Soderbergh’s epidemiological thriller, in which Gwyneth Paltrow plays patient zero, an outbreak caused by an infected bat begins in China before murdering people all over the world with flu-like symptoms. Does this sound familiar?

Weird Science (1985)

This film is set in 1985 and tells the story of two teens who use magazine cut-outs and a computer to build a flawless, artificial lady. Although 3D printers are still unable to produce individuals, they have been able to create weaponry.

Westworld (2016)

The 1973 film was about a desert entertainment park where individuals might act out their imaginations. It was recently recreated into a popular television programme. Similarly, Disney has revealed plans to build a theme park based on the ‘Star Wars’ world where visitors may dress up and go on adventures.

Total Recall (1990)

While human colonisation of Mars is still a long way off, self-driving automobiles with driver assistance systems are already far beyond the concept stage. For the time being, the fictitious “Johnny Cab” cab depicted in the film is the closest we’ve come.

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