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Bill Gates believes a three-day workweek is Possible with AI

by OnverZe

Bill Gates believes that artificial intelligence will free up workers for more productive activities. Bill Gates imagines a future in which technology, rather than replacing humans, ushers in a three-day workweek.

In a recent episode of Trevor Noah’s “What Now?” podcast, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates discussed technology and work. When Noah spoke about the threat of AI to jobs, Gates expressed optimism that it would free up labor for more beneficial tasks.

“The goal of existence is not merely to perform tasks. So, if you get to a point where you only have to work three days a week or something, that’s probably fine,” Gates remarked. Gates depicted a future in which machines do vital jobs, eliminating the need for difficult human labor.

Drawing similarities with labor generational shifts, he emphasized the transition from a grandfather who saw farming as the sole meaningful employment to a father who works in a variety of fields. He also stated that contrary to popular belief, just 2% of Americans are involved in farming today.

According to Gates, if technical breakthroughs occur at a fair rate and the government assists those who are adapting to change, the outcome can be positive. He emphasized the significance of assisting folks in learning new skills to ensure a smooth transition.

“Software increases productivity. But, you know, if you free up human labor, you can help the elderly better and have smaller class sizes. “You know, if you match the skills to it, the demand for labor to do good things is still there,” Gates remarked.

Gates expressed his belief in the potential of AI-driven software to revolutionize education in a blog post titled “The Age of AI has Begun” in March. He praised ChatGPT’s development as a pioneering technological showcase, drawing parallels to his introduction to the graphical user interface in the 1980s.

Gates has been thinking about AI’s possibilities over the next decade, inspired by his initial meeting with the GPT model. He stated that these AI-powered tools must be made available to low-income countries and marginalized people.

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