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Instagram Introduces a new Feature called “Candid Story”

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Instagram has announced a number of new features to improve the user experience, including Notes, Candid Stories, and others. Candid Stories will allow users to capture and provide real-time updates via Instagram stories; however, these stories will only be visible to users who also share their own stories.

Despite criticism for attempting to imitate other applications, such as TikTok, a photo and video sharing social networking service, Instagram has continued to add new features.

In fact, Instagram recently announced five new features for its users: ‘Notes’ to share thoughts like a status update, ‘Candid Stories’ to share real-time updates with other active Candid Stories’ users, ‘Group Profiles’ to share posts with selected groups of people, ‘Add Yours nominations’ to tag and nominate people to participate, and ‘Collaborative Collections’ to save posts of common interest collectively.

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These features, according to Instagram, are intended to improve the user experience and make people feel more connected with their friends. The Notes feature is the only one that has already been rolled out to all Instagram users. Other features are currently being tested.

Candid Stories' new features

Instagram is also testing a new ‘Candid Stories’ feature, which will allow users to take and share candid photos through their Instagram stories. The primary distinction between regular Instagram stories and ‘Candid Stories’ is that the latter are only visible to users who also share their own candid stories.

The ‘Candid Stories’ feature appears to work in the same way that BeReal does.

BeReal, which was launched in 2020, is a social media photo sharing application that allows users to click and share real and unfiltered pictures with their friends once per day. BeReal is a major competitor to Instagram.

Instagram revealed in a blog post that the ‘Candid Stories’ feature is being tested for Facebook Stories as well.

“Capture a candid using the stories camera, the multi-author story at the top of the feed, or the daily notification reminder that begins after your first candid. “Those who do not want to receive the daily notification reminder can turn it off in their Settings,” Instagram explained.

The ‘Candid Stories’ feature is currently being tested. It is unclear when the feature will be available to all Instagram users.

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