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Hackers Using This Fake Android App to Steal WhatsApp Data

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Android WhatsApp users have a new warning this week, and they should be on the lookout for a fraudulent Android software that is being used to harm unsuspecting people. According to information from a cybersecurity company, the SafeChat software is being used to collect data from targets in nations like India. According to the company Cyfirma, this programme is essentially sophisticated spyware that poses as a messaging app.

Our preliminary technical examinations showed that APT Bahamut was responsible for the attack. The assessment indicated that the nature of this assault and other APT Bahamut-related attacks may suggest that it was conducted to further the objectives of a single nation-state authority.

Safe Chat is thought to be a variation of “Coverlm,” a malware programme notorious for stealing data from well-known chat platforms including Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, and even the Messenger. The malware’s ability to get access to more device rights, which increases the risk to the user, is the main worry.

Hackers Using This Fake Android App to Steal WhatsApp Data

The agency says that after installing this API, the Safe Chat app will appear on your home screen. The user is told that they are utilising a secure messaging platform when they first start this app. Once you get to this point, the software will ask for permission to use various functions, which is the hacker’s cue to launch the assault.

The app’s general user interface makes it appear authentic, making it simpler for hackers to access the device without setting off security checks. According to the Cyfirma team, past and present targets clearly imply that the APT group is active inside of Indian territory.

The Safe Chat is another app about which the public is frequently cautioned. Users shouldn’t sideload any programmes they acquire through unidentified URLs or download them from third-party app stores.

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