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Here’s the latest change in WhatsApp that makes it simpler for users to place calls

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Whatsapp is currently developing a number of new features to enhance user experience and increase platform privacy and safety. The Meta-owned app is reportedly already working on new features that will be made available in the future, including longer group names in iOS and new editing features. 

A new feature that will enable users to create calling shortcuts is reportedly being developed by WhatsApp, which further expands the list of upcoming features.

According to a report by WAbetainfo, WhatsApp is preparing to introduce a calling shortcut feature that will enable users to easily create calling shortcuts to dial calls more quickly. For people to connect with friends, family, and even conduct business, the platform currently provides messaging, calling, and video calling features.

The process for placing a WhatsApp call, in contrast to messaging, is still a little time-consuming, or, as we might say, takes a few seconds. So, in accordance with reports, WhatsApp intends to provide its users with a quick option for calls by enabling the creation of calling shortcuts.

How to Make Shortcuts for Whatsapp Calls

According to the report, the calling shortcut feature is currently in development and will be included in future app updates. Users will be able to create a WhatsApp calling shortcut once the feature is available by tapping the contact cell within the list of contacts.

WhatsApp will create the shortcut and add it to your device’s home screen automatically. This feature will save users time opening the app and searching for a contact to call by allowing them to dial call father. Especially to those with whom they frequently connect on the phone.

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Notably, Android users can already create contact shortcuts that give them quick access to that specific chat window. The calling shortcut will now do the same thing, but this time it will assist users in connecting over a call.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature that will allow users to send photos in their original resolution. Currently, the platform compresses image quality, making it difficult to send images through the app. However, the platform is expected to add a new icon soon, allowing users to select the quality of the image before sending it.

The platform also intends to add a new text editor to its drawing tool, allowing users to personalise their text before sending it. WhatsApp is said to be working on three new features for its drawing tool: the ability to quickly switch between different fonts, the ability to change text alignment (left, centre, right), and the ability to change the text background colour for differentiation. Furthermore, WhatsApp may add new fonts to improve the messaging experience. However, the features are said to be in the works and will be available in future updates.

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