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A terrifying 50-foot-tall “silver creature” was spotted hiding in a Chinese lake

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A visitor to China’s Lake Tianchi claims to have captured footage of a 50-foot-long silver aquatic creature breaching the peaceful lake’s surface, eerily evoking Scotland’s fabled Loch Ness monster. According to a New York Post story, the traveller, named as Li from Shanghai, described her incredible experience that occurred on August 31 while she was visiting the gorgeous Xinjiang Region in northwest China.

Fish splashing in the lake made an inconspicuous noise at the beginning of Li’s story, but what happened next was anything from usual. An mysterious creature made its presence known at a distance of around 600 feet.

A terrifying 50-foot-tall "silver creature" was spotted hiding in a Chinese lake.

The tranquil alpine lake was disturbed by an unseen giant, as seen in Li’s mobile camera, producing waves and ripples to ripple over the water. The lake was still for approximately ten seconds after that.

She described the event, highlighting its mobility, saying, “At first, I thought it might be several fish, but upon closer inspection, it was just one long, silver-colored creature.”

Li’s footage was very clear, and the lack of a detailed description created a perplexing scenario for the park’s workers. They claimed that similar sightings by other tourists had happened in the past but remained unsolved owing to the great distance involved since they were unable to identify the creature with certainty.

When confronted with the mystery surrounding the unknown resident of Lake Tianchi, local officials observed, “Imagination is incredibly vivid. Although it’s difficult to say, we hope there is some aquatic species that can calm everyone’s curiosity. Notably, none of the lake’s known flora—including rainbow trout—measures more than three feet in length.

A similar occurrence occurred in the autumn of 2020, when Xiao Yu, a park ranger at Changbai Mountain National Park, captured footage of an odd, 7-foot-wide black object floating on Lake Tianchi. Yu was baffled as to why this particular occurrence was occurring after previously dismissing similar sightings as fishing vessels.

Lake Tianchi, located between China and North Korea, has a maximum depth of 1,223 feet and an average depth of roughly 670 feet. The secretive denizen of the lake, sometimes linked to the Loch Ness monster, first surfaced in 1962 and has since whetted tourists’ curiosity.

It’s interesting to note that a prominent researcher from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s National Academy of Science said it may be a deformed child of trout seeded by North Korea forty years earlier after seeing a picture allegedly showing the “Tianchi monster” in 2007.

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