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Here’s everything you need to know about the most expensive substance in the universe

by OnverZe
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The estimated cost of “antimatter” is about to amaze anyone who believes that only diamonds and gold are expensive. Tritium, painite, and California 252 are not among the most expensive elements on the planet. It is antimatter, which is defined as a substance made up of the opposite particles (or “partners”) of the corresponding particles in “regular” matter in current physics. Simply put, it is a matter composed of elementary particles that are antiparticles of the particles that compose regular matter.

There are numerous definitions, explanations, and films about antimatter. However, the Tom Hanks-led 2009 film Angels & Demons provides a fictionalised account of its absolute greatness. Antimatter, according to Live Science, is “ordinary matter with the opposite electric charge.”

“A negative-charged electron has an antimatter counterpart known as a positron,” it continues. A positron is an electron-like particle with a positive charge. Neutrons and other non-electrically charged particles are frequently married to their own antimatter. However, it is still unknown whether the mysterious neutrinos, which are also neutral, are antiparticles of their own.

There is genuine antimatter. It’s not just a science fiction plot device. The only problem is that antimatter is extremely rare, and scientists are baffled as to why.

According to several interesting fact lists about antimatter, it should have destroyed all matter in the universe, but humanity has only produced a small amount of it. It may also be used as spacecraft fuel in the future. When we discuss the origins of the universe, antimatter is mentioned.

The modern theory of antimatter was born in 1928 with a paper written by Paul Dirac. Countless studies into its characteristics and possibilities were conducted over the following decades, but no definitive conclusions were reached.

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