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WhatsApp will allow you to set voice messages as Status

by OnverZe

A new feature that WhatsApp is currently testing in the beta version of the application. Given that WhatsApp already allows you to send voice messages to regular chats, the platform is currently testing a Voice Status update, which is pretty cool. The functionality is fairly self-explanatory. You can post a voice memo as a status update. Here is everything we know about WhatsApp’s most recent update.

Eligible users will see the new feature in the app’s text status section, according to WaBetaInfo, which has discovered it in the Android beta update. You can even specify who can view your Voice Status update in the messaging app. People will have more control over their voice recordings thanks to the app’s ability to delete a recording before making it available to the public.

It is unknown if the play pause process will be as seamless as the regular chat process WhatsApp offers. Even if you close WhatsApp while recording a voice message, the app automatically saves it and allows you to pick up where you left off. Uncertainty exists regarding the voice status feature’s edit and replay capabilities. When the feature is made available to more users, we should have more clarity on this.

People who are more outspoken and like to share things with others may find use for the new feature. Additionally, this would make it easier for people to better promote their content or anything else. For instance, someone can post a picture in the Status and even use the Voice Status feature to discuss their song with contacts if they want to.

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On the other hand, this feature also has a time limit. A voice note can only be recorded for 30 seconds at a time. Additionally, just like with the images or videos you currently post as Status on WhatsApp, voice notes shared via the Status section will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. Even after they have been uploaded, voice status can be deleted.

Only a few Android beta testers have access to the new feature, which is still in development. The cited source has confirmed that more WhatsApp users will receive the update in the upcoming weeks. This implies that the business might release this feature quickly for those who are using the stable version.

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