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Whatsapp Releases New Updates For Android Users

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For Android users, WhatsApp has just issued a new update. A new style for tabs like Chats, Calls, and other sections has been added by the firm to update the look of the home page. Along with other things, the update includes additional tools for Status, WearOS support, and a new Chat Lock function. When utilising Disappearing texts, there is also the option to preserve critical texts. Everyone is receiving all of the new features. However, because this is a slow deployment, it will take some time for all WhatsApp users who use Android to receive this update. The specifics are shown below.

New WhatsApp Layout

WhatsApp now allows users to utilize two accounts on the same phone within the app

The business just updated the design of the primary WhatsApp window; nothing else has changed. The Chats, Calls, Communities, and Status tabs will now appear at the bottom of the page. If your phone has a large screen, this will enable users to rapidly access any of the aforementioned tabs. So you no longer need to reach very far to access WhatsApp’s main menu. The remaining portions of the UI resemble the previous WhatsApp. A similar style is already used by iOS users, and soon WhatsApp beta users on Android will also be able to utilise it.

Communities, Chats, Status, and Calls are the tabs in a different sequence on the older version of Android. The new version appears to have a better layout, and the business positioned the tabs based on what they believe users will prefer when using the app. Therefore, the current hierarchy is Chats, Calls, Communities, and Status.

Chat Lock

Along with other smaller changes and improvements, the update now makes the Chat Lock function available to many Android users. The name pretty much speaks for itself. People will have the option to fingerprint-lock their really private discussions that they don’t want anybody else to see. The Locked Chats won’t be shown on the app’s home page. To enable it for a chat, one only needs to go to a person’s profile, scroll down, and touch on the Chat Lock option.

Disappearing messages now incorporate a new feature

Using the Disappearing communications feature on Android, users may now save crucial communications for later. One will just need to press on a message and select “keep” to begin for this. The selected messages are preserved permanently after you utilise this option, while the remaining content is removed after a predetermined amount of time.

New Status-related tools

In addition to new text overlay capabilities for Status, WhatsApp has also altered the typefaces and backdrop colours.

Enhancement of GIFs

GIFs received over WhatsApp chats will now automatically play without the need for a tap. Despite being a little enhancement, some people could appreciate it.

WearOS support

On WearOS smartwatches, the platform now supports WhatsApp. In essence, this implies that Wear OS watch users, including those who have the Fossil Gen 6, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and others, will be able to use this messaging app on their wearable.

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