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A stunning zinnia flower growing in space, Photo shared by NASA

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The globe is still astonished by NASA’s most recent finding. This time, the focus is on a beautiful flower that survived in the most unusual of conditions rather than distant celestial objects or breathtaking images captured by telescopes.

aboard June 13, NASA published a stunning picture of a zinnia flower grown aboard the International Space Station (ISS) as a result of the Veggie facility. A light-orange flower in full bloom, the zinnia, was featured in the popular Instagram picture. The photograph’s upper third was out of focus, while the lower third was entirely taken up by the expanse of space, providing a startling contrast.

Because to the labour of several experts, it is now feasible to grow farms and crops in space.  Despite the fact that NASA has been researching plants in space since the 1970s, this particular experiment, launched in 2015 by astronaut Kjell Lindgren, has yielded interesting results.

By cultivating zinnias in space, researchers hope to learn vital things about plant growth and development in microgravity. This work is extremely important because it paves the way for future space missions, such as extended trips to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, where crew members would need reliable supplies of fresh food.

The ISS has transformed into a magnificent space garden, proving that it is possible to produce food outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. Along with zinnias, NASA astronauts have successfully grown lettuce, tomatoes, and even chilli peppers on the space station.

This amazing accomplishment illustrates the potential for sustaining human life throughout extended space travel in addition to showcasing the existence of plants in space. Since being published, the trending Instagram has received over 5 lakh likes. Following their observation of this “space flower,” users of the internet posted a variety of comments.

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