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WhatsApp announces the launch of the Edit Message feature

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After introducing the option to lock some extremely private chats on both Android and iOS, WhatsApp is getting ready to roll out yet another significant update to the app. The platform has confirmed that the new Edit Message feature will soon be available to everyone via its official Twitter account. Although WhatsApp hasn’t officially announced the feature’s name, it has published a video demonstrating how users will soon be able to edit their messages.

Additionally, WABetaInfo has provided information on how this edit message option will function since the feature is present in the beta versions of the app while the official video makes no mention of it. People will only have 15 minutes to edit any message, and after that time has passed, there will be no more editing options available.

The sole purpose of the feature is to spare users the humiliation of unintentionally sending the wrong message. Your mobile keyboard occasionally causes some of your messages to auto-correct, changing their intended meaning. WhatsApp already has a delete option, but doing so requires you to start over with the message. You can save time and correct a message with the new update. Here is all the information you require regarding the most recent WhatsApp update.

The beta version of the app states that you have 15 minutes after sending a message to someone to undo or edit it. One only needs to hold down the long-press key on the message they want to edit. You can tap the “Edit Message” option that appears after long-pressing a message in WhatsApp to make changes to your text message. When you do, the app launches a new window where you can edit the message.

When will WhatsApp get the ability to edit messages?

The new Edit Message feature for WhatsApp will soon go live. The company has only hinted at the release of this update; no date has been provided for when it will be accessible to all users. According to the teaser, it will be accessible soon.

The beta releases of Android and iOS already have the feature. We anticipate WhatsApp to release the edit button in the upcoming days or weeks now that the company has teased the feature. For all the most recent updates, keep an eye on onverze.

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