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Google’s AI-powered search engine is now able to generate images

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Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is being updated, with the most recent feature being an image generating tool. Users will be able to make images straight from text prompts in the search bar with this capability.”

The tech sector is currently engaged in an AI arms race, with new features and models being launched practically daily by industry leaders such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, and others. Google has revealed that their Search Generative Experience (SGE) will allow users to search for photos directly from a text prompt. Similar to what Microsoft announced a few months ago with the integration of Bing Image Creator into Bing Search.

Google explains the concept in its official blog post: “As we continue to test bringing generative AI capabilities into Search, we’re testing new ways to get more done as you’re searching — like creating an image that can bring an idea to life, or getting help on a written draft when you need a starting point.”

Google's AI-powered search engine is now able to generate images

In other words, Google’s AI-powered SGE (Search Generative Experience) Search Engine makes it simpler for users to do tasks correctly. Google’s more recent search engine uses AI to produce more thorough and educational answers to user searches. Google has improved its SGE with new features to make it more engaging and beneficial for users. It now has search and interface capabilities.

Notably, Google just began supplying SGE with summaries of search results supported by AI. Users now receive a brief summary of their search query in the latest update.

Another update enables users to examine the sentence they searched in Search for grammar and other errors. Users can now make requests using words like “draw” or “create a [x]” and watch SGE produce completely original images as a result of the most recent version. The Google Imagen family of models, which also powers Google Slides and Meet, is the engine behind SGE’s image creation.

How will Google Search image generating work?

Google’s generative AI in search is enabled on Imagen text-to-image diffusion models, which provide users with SGE. It will allow users to search for images using words. You can get results similar to how you give instructions in Bing Image Search.

For example, if you want an image of a dog dancing on a beach, simply type it into Google Search and ask it to generate one for you. Google will display you four distinct options once the query is given. Additionally, users can edit their description to acquire the image of their choice.

Users can try out AI image generating in Google’s SGE by typing “draw – your prompt -” or “sketch” into the Google Search box. After receiving the prompt, Google will display up to four photographs at the same time, above the standard search results and with a distinct background color.

Additionally, as users are browsing picture search results, Google may offer certain AI-generated photos. It is crucial to remember that there may be a delay in the SGE updating during picture search, therefore users should be patient. Nonetheless, once this function is accessible, it will be a great tool for people who have a specific image in mind but are unable to find it.

“Click on any of the pictures and you’ll see how generative AI has supplemented your basic query with descriptive features, like “a photorealistic image of a capybara cooking breakfast in a forest, grilling bacon,” to provide one example. The description can then be further edited to include more information and realize your goal, according to a blog post by Google.

Google specifically emphasizes that it is introducing the new AI technologies carefully. It states that the generative AI tool won’t produce any photos that are against the company’s restricted usage policy.

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