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The truth about the natural pyramid-shaped mountain that was found in Antarctica

by OnverZe

There has been the discovery of a pyramid-shaped mountain in the icy continent of Antarctica. The discovery of a pyramid-shaped structure in such a distant place has caused a stir online, with many speculating that it may have been built by aliens or by prehistoric civilizations. Nevertheless, specialists say that the ice pyramids are wholly natural creations, putting these presumptions aside.

According to the reports, these peaks were found in the southern Ellsworth mountain range of Antarctica using satellite pictures. Only 2 km long at its base, the pyramid-shaped bulk generally matches the magnificence of Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza.

pyramid-shaped mountain

The Ellsworth Mountains, which constitute a 350 km long by 48 km wide chain of mountains on the western edge of the Ronne Ice Shelf in Marie Byrd Land, are the tallest mountain range in Antarctica. 

They are located inside Chile’s claim to the Antarctic and were found in 1935 by Lincoln Ellsworth. The Ellsworth Mountains have a chilly -30C average temperature, according to data, making this location only accessible for a short season of exploration, with the best months for expeditions being November to January.

On the internet, many have speculated that these structures may be connected to the Illuminati, while others have suggested that they may have been possible when Antarctica was covered with rainforests during the Palaeolithic era.

Geology specialists, like Professor Eric Rignot, have refuted these conjectures in the interim. The peaked structure of this pyramid has been linked to the convergence of glaciers, a natural phenomenon seen in many places throughout the world.

However, the finding of a mountain that resembles a pyramid in Antarctica is still a fascinating natural occurrence and a reminder of the wonders that exist on Earth.

What is the truth?

pyramid like mountain in antarctica

The truth may not impress you, though. It is commonly known that the Ellsworth range has these pyramid-shaped mountains. As they result from the confluence of glaciers that erode the edges of an existing continent, they are also known as “horn,” and they predominate in glacial environments. The majority of the time, they result from the abrupt circular erosion of several glaciers that split from a single central point. Perhaps the most famous natural structure in the entire world is the Matterhorn Peak.

Professor of geology at the University of California, Eric Rigot, said in reference to this, “This is just a mountain that looks like a pyramid.”

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