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WhatsApp will soon support these Features: Here’s everything you need to know

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Two of the new features that WhatsApp is developing are significant updates that will be released soon. The ability to add usernames and hide your phone number on the app is one of them. The second is when you share your screen while on a video call. Three significant updates to the messaging service were recently added, including the ability to use one WhatsApp account across multiple mobile devices, the Chat Lock feature, and the Edit button. Now let’s look at 2 major new features that will be added to the messaging app.

With WhatsApp, you can conceal phone numbers

WaBetaInfo posted screenshots indicating that WhatsApp is developing a feature that will enable you to add a username to your account. You’ll have the option to hide phone numbers on the platform, and everyone will only be able to see usernames. With the addition of this feature, WhatsApp could also enable the ability for anyone to contact another user by entering a username without disclosing their phone numbers.

Users will be able to increase the security of their accounts with this. There will be a specific section in WhatsApp Settings > Profile for this feature. Adding a WhatsApp username is a new feature that is currently being developed and will be made available for more beta testers in a later update. When everything functions properly, the same will also be made available to users of the app’s stable version.

You can share your screen on WhatsApp

You did read that correctly. During video calls, WhatsApp plans to introduce a new feature that will allow you to share the screen of your phone. Billions of people use the app for calling and messaging. Many of its competitors, including Google Meet, would likely be eliminated if screen sharing were added to video calls. Up to 32 users are currently supported by WhatsApp. The app’s Android beta testers already have access to this feature, and it will probably be added to the stable version in the ensuing weeks or months.

Latest updates on Whatsapp

A new Chat Lock feature for WhatsApp has been made available to everyone. The name pretty much speaks for itself. People will be able to add a lock to their extremely private chats, making sure that no one can access them even if you give someone else your phone. The good news is that the new feature automatically hides the conversation’s content from notifications as well, protecting your privacy.

Finally, a new Edit button feature for WhatsApp has been made available to all users. Users will have a window of 15 minutes to correct any incorrect messages they may have sent to anyone. This is a very helpful feature because it eliminates the need to delete entire messages because you can now correct individual sentences or words using the edit button.

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